Tips for travelling with your golf gear

golf gear travel beach

If you are fortunate enough to be travelling with your golfing gear, one of your key considerations should be ensuring that your equipment and clubs are protected for the duration of your journey.

Protective packing

A soft or holdall-style bag should be sufficient if you are travelling by car or will be in a position to handle your own luggage; however, for longer journeys and flights that involve checking in your luggage, a good quality bag with a hard, durable casing is most likely to protect your investment and save you the major headache of replacing your clubs at short notice.

Many quality bags include strategic padding so that the vulnerable heads of your clubs are protected from breakage and chips. Nike and Adidas golf bags have perhaps the most reliable reputation, with the Nike Golf Sport III Cart Bag a great example of a professional and affordable bag that comes in a range of colours.

False economy

While you may have just splashed out on greens fees and a flight, underspending on a bag can be a false economy. If your equipment is damaged in transit, it will be expensive to replace ‒ not to mention being disappointing and inconvenient. Enjoy your journey safe in the knowledge that your gear is safe and properly protected. It is also important to check that your travel insurance is comprehensive, as it may be necessary to take out an additional sports policy.

golf gearSaving through advanced planning

While some areas of expense in travel are unavoidable, with some careful forward planning it is often possible to make up lost ground in other ways. Booking well in advance, for example, including flights, accommodation and tee times, not only means that you can save money and look forward to a smooth trip but also ensures that any friends intending to accompany you are serious about the commitment. There is nothing worse than being left in the lurch at the last minute, perhaps with a hefty fee, and thinking well ahead reduces the risk of this considerably.

Dress code

Sleek, professional, and practical clothing is essential for many golfers regardless of the formality of the course, but it is still wise to double-check the dress code ‒ and the weather forecast ‒ for your destination. Waterproof or windproof jackets can make the difference between being dry and comfortable for the length of the holiday and becoming ill on the first day!

golf gear travel mountainTiming is everything

If you are not adverse to a cloudy day, consider a winter trip ‒ especially to courses in parts of Europe that stay relatively mild all year round and are usually far quieter and cheaper than during the spring and summer months. Whatever time of year you go, stay up to date with the course’s calendar so that you don’t accidentally arrive on the day of a prestigious tournament or golf taster day!


With adequate preparation and a reliable, purpose-built bag, your journey will be smooth and enjoyable. Something else to check out is the Triton Z wristband, which is ultra portable and helps to ensure that you stay injury-free.


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