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3 reasons you should take full advantage of print photo albums whilst traveling

Travel Albums

Once upon a time travelers were armed with a backpack and a few essentials. Now, most of their accessories are in their pocket. One such accessory comes in the form of their phone, or at certain times, their camera. As

3 Places to Go Ice Fishing this Winter

Ice Fishing

Now that winter is upon us, there aren’t many options for going out and catching some of our favorite fishy meals – or are there? Winter is the perfect time to go ice fishing, just get your waders, some warm

4 Great Reasons To Go On a Trip

Reasons to go on a trip

Going on a trip is something that many people hold back from doing since it can be a big expense.  Many people find themselves making reasons for why they shouldn’t go on a trip or why it doesn’t fit into

How To Prepare For Traveling Outdoors

Outdoor Travel

Going on an outdoor adventure is appealing to many people. If you decide this is the vacation for you, then it’s a good idea to plan ahead and understand what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t assume it’s going to be

The First Three Things You Should Do After a Car Accident

Safe Driving

When traveling, whether to the store or on vacation, there is always the propensity to have an accident. Sometimes the weather is bad. Sometimes, the driver is too distracted and others can be because of vehicle malfunctions. Whatever the reason,

4 Tips For Getting Ready To Travel To a Wedding


Your best friend is getting married. Or perhaps a family member is getting married. Or maybe, even you’re getting married! And this particular wedding is somewhere that you have to travel to. It is a destination event. And that means

Keeping a Clean and Hygienic Space for Yourself When Traveling

Cleaning Room

You probably have routines and habits when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness when you’re at home or when you’re at work for your everyday job. But, when you’re out traveling, whether it’s for vacation or perhaps for professional reasons,

Traveling for Business: What To Expect

Traveling Office

Traveling for business and traveling for pleasure are entirely different animals. Yes, you are physically moving your person from one place to another. But all of the expectations can be completely different. That’s why it’s important to work through what

Tips for Choosing a Hotel in the Dead Sea Area

Hotels Dead Sea

A trip to Israel would not be complete without a visit to the Dead Sea, known as the lowest place on Earth because its shores are over a thousand feet below sea level. It has drawn visitors for years, and