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5 Must Visit Places for History Students in the US

Independence Hall

Being a student of history requires one to have an innate love for the bygone days, and sometimes, the best way to experience that love is by visiting some of the actual historical sites that you have read and researched

4 Rad Places to Take Your Timbersled this Winter

Timber sled

Winter is in full swing now, the mountains have a beautiful fresh sheet of snow every couple days and you are ready to get out there on some snow-cations. Maybe you’re into extreme winter sports, like snowboarding or skiing, or

4 Ways To Make Your Vacation More Relaxing

Travel Relax

A lot of people go on vacation only to find that they need a vacation from their vacation.  They feel so exhausted at the end of the day that they feel more tired than before they left on their trip.

Travel Tips for Frequent Journeys

Mountian Road trip

If you go on frequent journeys out into the world, perhaps for vacation, maybe for work, or even just to get out on the road, then eventually you figure out your personalized set of travel tips. If you haven’t already

3 Destination Ideas For a Bachelorette Party

Los Angeles Sunset

Becoming engaged is something that a lot of young women look forward to their entire lives.   Being able to celebrate your engagement with your best friends can be one of the most exciting occasions of a young bride’s engagement experience

Pushing Teens Out of Their Comfort Zone Through Travel and Adventure

Teen Travel

I didn’t have an opportunity to travel much when I was a teenager. As I got older I made it a point to travel as much as possible. I especially enjoyed getting out into nature, viewing wildlife and testing my

Exploring the Florida Panhandle: Highway 30A

Florida Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle has quietly gained a reputation as one of the best places in the U.S. for a beach vacation. Featuring more than 200 miles of sugar-white beaches, the Panhandle offers a more peaceful, family-friendly alternative to South Florida. 

3 Tips For Protecting Your Valuables When Traveling

Keeping track of your valuables

Traveling the world is a dream many aim for in life. It’s the unknown adventure, the risk worth taking, and a scrapbook full of memories you have yet to fill. However, it’s also dangerous. There are over 200 countries in

Top 5 Surf Spots In The Great Down Under

Top surf spots Australia

If you are looking for an epic place to shred, Australia has nearly 60,000km of coastline with some of the best surfing opportunities in the world.  The vast area of coastline may make it more difficult to narrow down just

Insider Tips For An Incredible Trip To Boston

Boston at night

For all intents and purposes, Boston is the oldest city in the US, which means that it is somewhere that has a bright history. Whether you’ve been planning your trip to Boston for a while or it is a last-minute