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Water, Wind and Graffiti: All About the Whistler Train Wreck

Whistler Mountian

When you’re not up on the internationally celebrated Whistler slopes, there’s plenty to do in the vicinity of the resort complex. Whether it’s the depths of winter or the height of summer, one of the very best outdoor outings in

UK and London from the eyes of a solo female traveller

London at night

When traveling to the United Kingdom, the one thing to absolutely keep in mind is to be prepared for the moody weather. It changes instantly from a sunny morning to a cloud covered afternoon. So I would suggest packing for

My romantic adventure in Rome


A paradise on earth, filled with many destinations to visit, Rome is the center of scenic beauty and the pathway to discover the Italian way of life. Visiting Rome has always been number 1 on my bucket list for ages.

Traveling to London


London is an incredible Capital City. Home to over 8 million inhabitants all considered some of the friendliest people in the world, I had no doubts that myself, and my husband would have an unforgettable holiday. What attracted me to

7 of the World’s Best Winter Festivals

Many people travel during December, January, and February to escape the bitter chill and dark days of winter, and while heading toward warmer climes is a tried-and-true method of rejuvenating the spirit and stocking up on vitamin D, not every