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More Bang for your Buck – How to Save Money on City Breaks

London Sky

London is an incredible city; rich in culture and bustling in activities. The ever-changing landscape boasts some of the best architecture in the world, both old and new. However, when I travel to London, I find myself counting the pennies

Like the Nightlife? Try the City That Never Sleeps

Tel Aviv

There are probably very few who have not heard of Tel Aviv. For the ones who unfortunately haven’t, Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel and is located along the Mediterranean coastline. As Israel’s second largest city, Tel

The Ultimate Guide for a Weekend Getaway

Singapore weekend getaway

Have you checked out the weekends that are exceptionally long because of certain public holidays? It’s time to plan your holiday well with the 7 long weekends in Singapore! This gives you plenty of time to discover new places you’ve

Why Your Next Vacation Should Be On a Cruise Ship

Cruise Vacation

Many people would love to go on a cruise ship journey, and there are many reasons why. Being able to float from destination to destination on a ship that has everything that you could possibly need to make your journey

Hazy Days, Lazy Nights: Best Apps to Make Every Day of Your Vacation Something Special

Travel Apps

When you go on your next vacation, make sure you take your smartphone with you. There are so many apps available that can make the experience more enjoyable. But which apps should you download? Here are a few you can

7 Lesser Known U.S. Theme Parks Worth Visiting


When you hear about theme parks in the United States, you probably think automatically of Disneyland and Disney World. There’s also Six Flags, with parks all over the nation, and Universal Studios parks in both California and Florida. These popular

Four Great Reasons Why Central America Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination


Image Credit Lovers of the sun, sand, and relaxation will be blown away by everything Central America has to offer. Fans of snorkelling, exploring ancient ruins, and tropical wildlife can also find an adventure of a lifetime. The seven small

7 Steps To Fully Enhance Your Travel Website’s SEO Campaign

Building up your blog

If you’ve been wondering how you can bring more traffic to your travel website to make more sales, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve also done any research so far, you should know that fully enhancing your website’s