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Save Money on Vacation without Having to Give Anything Up

Travel Beauty

There are a variety of ways to save money when travelling, but in the end there are a lot of expenses that add up. Flight tickets and accommodations are the first thing most people think about, and there are a

14% of UK Pet Owners Need a Pet Passport for Their Next Vacation

Dog on Vacation

A recent piece of research by a UK based travel agency revealed that 14% of people in the UK who own a pet or pets intend to take them with them when they holiday abroad this year. One of the

3 Tips for Planning an Extended Vacation As a Senior Citizen

Senior Travel

Traveling for an extended period of time can be a planning headache for anyone, regardless of age. However, as you get older, you generally have more restrictions and needs when it comes to traveling. But just because you may need

Items You Can’t Forget to Bring on Your Next Wilderness Adventure

Wilderness trip

World travel has become the mantra of life as of late. It’s all due to the millennials who don’t want to stay in one place too long, and desire to see the world. Millennials are people who reach adulthood during

Packing and Storing Tips Before Your Big Travels

Extended travel is becoming a natural part of many people’s lives. Whereas in previous years it was only the very rich, or lucky gap year students who could take a few months at a time to fulfil their wanderlust needs,

8 Tips for Planning Your Luxury Trip in Canada


Home to the stunning Rocky Mountain range, swaths of wilderness, wild forests and modern cities with an old-world charm, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. If Canada-on-$1-a-day, stay-in-hostel budget-travel type holidays

Waves Around the World: Planning the Perfect Surfer’s Vacation

Beach surf

It’s always summertime somewhere. If you are a warm water surfer and find yourself frustrated in a chilly winter surf town, the planet offers plenty of tropical destinations that provide perfect conditions for a surfing safari. Conversely, the world is

Traveling The World For Art And Culture


If you have ever considered going around the world, or even around your own country, on the trail of art, you have a great idea. Art is amazing and there is tons of it all over the place, from paintings

See the World and Serve It: 4 Things to Know About Travelteerism

Travel Volunteer

In the past year, travelteerism has begun to gain popularity among the traveling, “altruistic” crowd. The main idea behind travelteerism is that individuals are able to go to a foreign country, stay in a boutique-type hotel, have luxury vacation experiences

A Cultural Crash Course in Florence

View of Florence

Italy’s Florence, a city spoken about with sighs and wishful thinking the world over, is beautiful at any time of year, and provides a wide variety of amazing sights for visitors to take in. From stunning architecture and fashionable boutiques