The Colorado Escapade

Relax Colorado

Traveling takes me to all corners of the world. There are times when I travel the least trodden path and there are times when I find myself along the thread bare paths. This time I found myself planning a trip to one of the most interesting and  one of the most popular places in US.

The problem with planning a trip always is with getting the right kind of accommodation. That was what was holding me back. I did not want to spend a lot of money just to get a good and safe place to stay. After all a vacation is not meant to cost an arm and a leg! I hadn’t even considered the Colorado Vacation rentals at that time.

After a lot of deliberation and a lot of consideration, I came to the realization that there was nothing that I really liked. All the accommodation that I could find was all high end stuff, that would of been ok, but I did not want to go to Colorado , and live in a high priced box. i wanted something with a little pizzazz.  All of the interesting hotels were all booked up. Well I guess that’s what happens when you plan everything at the last moment.

colorado starwoodestateI was almost about to cancel my trip when my friend suggested a last ditch effort…Rentals! Why try pricey hotels when we may get even better accommodation as a rental. It made perfect sense. We were going to be in the Colorado for almost 4 weeks. That made rentals seem like an extremely good alternative. Not to mention the fact we could live in luxury and still feel at home.

We browsed around on the internet for a while until we stumbled across a great site about Colorado vacation rentals on the Luxury Retreats website. When I say awesome… I actually mean mind blowing! Okay…. I have to admit that not everything in the list was cheap. Some of them were extremely extremely expensive. If you look at the pictures of the villas on rent it is easy to understand why. Some of the villas however were well within our budget range.

Now you might wonder how. The best part about these villas is that the price per person can reduce significantly if you meet a few criteria. The trick is in going with a group. The larger the group the more value you get out of the package. Since there were 16 of us traveling together our accommodation charges plunged significantly when we decided to rent the villas. Not to mention we got to enjoy a little piece of heaven for a while.

Colorado TripNow that the accommodation part of our travels was sorted out, we finally had some form of peace of mind. That when we really started planning the actual minor details of our trip. Trust me… Planning for a few people is easy. Try planning for a larger group. You will be surprised how the plans spiral out of control. Each person has their own stuff and their own priorities. It is a nightmare! And here I thought that the accommodation was the worst part of the planning.

The planning finally got over. I was exhausted by the time we entered the final details into our itinerary. The trip took place uneventfully. It was fun… It was different! With 16 people on a trip the atmosphere was one of a party throughout. It is a great experience. Something that I wouldn’t have traded anything for !


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