Cities In Italy You Absolutely Must See

Italian City's


Italy is a vastly beautiful and historical country with one of the most interesting and passionate cultures in the world. One of the more interesting things about Italy is the varieties of Italian culture in such a small land mass. The different cities feel Italian at their core, but for the most part feel like completely different locations. Different traditional foods, different architecture and different activities to embark on will emerge to you as you explore every new city.

There’s enough to see in Italy to occupy you for a lifetime, but most holiday-makers, unfortunately, don’t have that available to dedicate. This list is for the new traveler to Italy and details the most interesting places you absolutely must see upon your visit.

One thing is for certain, there is no such thing as ‘one trip’ to Italy.


Modena is responsible for some of the best food inventions in the modern world, and the restaurants there are second to none. Parma Ham, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese to die for and Bolognese sauce all originated in Modena. Here you can stimulate your taste buds like you’ve never been able to before.

The best part of visiting Modena is that you get such a beautiful, vibrant city to explore for relatively cheap, as the food tourism culture has lent both accessible and sophisticated hospitalities for any palette to enjoy. If you’re hungry off of the plane to Italy, Modena should be your first stop.


Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, and arguably the world. Some of the best designers have lived a life of cosmopolitan beauty here, and have used the Italian culture to stimulate their imagination and passion. After your initial Milan airport transfers, you can be sure to have your senses lovingly assaulted by the color and sheer edifice of the city.

Thanks to the fashion design culture here, there exist multiple large shopping bureaus, crafted with intricate detail, alongside sidestreet boutiques to stumble upon seemingly everywhere. The city boasts gorgeous modern architecture side by side with historical listed buildings. Nowhere does modern and historical Italy fuse as well as they do in Milan.


Who hasn’t heard of the beautiful, unique, awe-inducing Venice? We needn’t mention the canals and gondola culture to fully emphasize how amazing the citizens are. Venetians are some of the most bohemian, artistic yet practical people to occupy Italy, and a tour around the galleries of San Marco square will prove that. If you have the chance to visit in the summer, be sure to attend the carnival. You’ll never forget the experience.

Past the obvious, Venice also boasts an important and fascinating dedication to preserving their country. There are many museums all worth a look, visiting them can easily melt a few afternoons from your schedule unexpectedly. Venice is a city of such color and vibrancy that visiting there will feel like you’ve fallen into a fairytale.

For anyone exploring Europe, Italy should be one of their first priorities. People who visit fall in love with the culture, and begin a lifelong passion for Italian customs. Take a trip now, and you’ll quickly see why that’s so.



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