Why The USA Is A Foodie Delight

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When most people think of the United States and food, they picture huge portions of fries, hamburgers, barbecue, grits and pancakes. This food tends to be relatively unhealthy and diner like in its appearance. However delve below this stereotypical surface and you will see that the USA has a whole lot more to offer the culinary world. If you are hot footing it across the Americas anytime soon, check out these gastronomic delights that you simply have to try.


Forget the hamburgers and barbecued pork. Instead, you need to be checking out the stunning Dallas steakhouses that offer up all sorts of succulent dishes. From sirloin to tomahawk ribeye, and from rump steak to the ubiquitous New York strip, America’s steak joints have it all. Some require you to whip on a plastic bib and use your hands to chow down on the tasty morsels of bone in steaks and ribs. Smothered in barbecue sauce, these all-American joints tend to utilize recipes that have been passed down for generations. While you don’t want to be eating too many portions of red meat when on your travels, a trip to a steakhouse is one USA experience not to be missed.

BarbecueClam Chowder

If you are venturing up to Boston, no trip is complete without heading for a bowl of clam chowder, and the New England stuff is the best. Homes across Maine, Massachusetts and New Jersey relish a bowl of this seafood delight every week. For the most authentic variety, you need to be looking for ingredients that include local shellfish, potatoes, tarragon, dill and a spot of salted pork to add to the salty kick. You could even hot foot it to one of the eateries that serves it complete in a cob bowl, making the entire dish, vessel and all, entirely edible.


Forget the dulcet tones of the well known soft rock singer, and think about the food for a moment. Meatloaf first appeared as a recipe in print over one hundred years ago and is the epitome of American comfort food. Nearly every family in the USA has a bespoke recipe for the perfect dish. Beef mince, chump, pork slices and even chicken combined with a range of herbs and a binding agent can create unique tasting meatloaves. No two are ever the same. If you fancy trying this culinary delight, opt for an eatery that specializes in the stuff. How about a peppercorn sauce accompaniment? A sweet chilli dressing? Or maybe even a sandwich in a couple of slices of sourdough bread. Delicious!Meatloaf

Mac And Cheese

Every nation loves pasta, and the Italians definitely have the rights to boast about the main ingredient, but mac and cheese is an all-American invention. At nearly two hundred years old, the recipe has developed into one of the finest comfort food dishes the USA has today. Mac and cheese is the ultimate soul food, with the best varieties found in the deep south.

The United States is welcoming more cultural variety into its cuisine with sushi rolls and tacos becoming ever more popular. However, for all-American comfort, you cannot beat the classics.



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