Where Should You Go to Golf in 2016?

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If you love the game of golf, and are any good at it, it means that you put in a lot of time and effort to improving your game. Even though golf is a game which can be enjoyed at all ages, it’s far from easy. Shaving strokes off of your game is a lifetime effort, one which can never be mastered but only improved. If you’re on this path, you definitely play a lot of golf locally.

Practice requires this. You (probably) can’t afford to be going out to different golf courses a few times a week. Like so many other golfers, you probably rely on one or two “faithful” courses which help you improve your game without breaking your budget. This is a great way to get better at golf. But let’s face it, it can be a little boring. After all, who wants to be tromping down the same greenway 200 times a year. golfscape can help you make a change.

golf-swing That’s why you should schedule a golf holiday or two for yourself this year. Playing on an unfamiliar course can do a lot for your game. Dealing with new challenges presented by an unfamiliar course is just one. You’ll also enjoy that refreshment and excitement of a new course, which can help revive enthusiasm for a difficult sport, especially if you’ve been experiencing difficulty in your growth as a golfer. Finally, you may be able to add instruction to the package. Many golf courses offer 1-3 time teaching sessions. If you add some instruction to your holiday, it could pay dividends in your game which would be difficult to get any other way.

But where should you go? That’s the big question. Golf is popular all around the world. Even nations that don’t have golf as part of their culture will have plenty of golf courses to choose from, because people need to golf while they travel. This makes golf a possibility no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have money and time. If you’ve had the time and resources to plan a holiday, you’ll have plenty of both.

golf-courseYou can look anywhere in the world you are interested in traveling, but I would personally recommend Dubai and Bali. Both are imminently affordable, while providing an amazing array of natural beauty, historical interests, culinary and cultural events, and anything else you could care to do. Bali, especially, is perfect for a getaway, no matter the reason. This island is part of Indonesia, and has mountains, beaches, forests, and lots of open greenery (that’s where they put the golf courses). It’s number one on the list of 2016 golf destinations for this writer, and it should probably top your list as well.


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