Ways to Incorporate the Viewing of Art into Your Vacation

Le Louvre

So often, art is already ingrained into the structure of a vacation. It’s funny because you have two kinds of vacations. You have the ones where you are going, going, going, and you visit a million museums, you see all sorts of different, amazing architecture, you go to concerts, you go to view famous landmarks, and you do everything within your power to make sure you don’t miss anything spectacular while you’re in the area.

You also have those vacations where you refuse to do anything but sit by the pool, work on your tan, read a book, or sit on the beach and spend hours listening to the waves crash against the beach. One kind of vacation is not better than the other. It all depends on where you are, what you want, and what you need. However, if you’re a lover of art and want to incorporate the viewing of as much art as possible into your vacation, here are ways to do that:

Hit Local Farmers MarketsFarmers Market

Art is such a powerful thing to people all over the world. It allows for cathartic release, it gives people who wouldn’t otherwise have an outlet the ability to express themselves, and if people are lucky, it also allows for a much need stream of income to live off of. For thirs reason, as well as the reason that you’ll be supporting local artisans and seeing unique artwork, you should hit the local farmers markets of wherever it is you’re visiting.

You’ll be able to eat amazing food, listen to great music, and peruse the stands of some of the most talented artisans you’ll ever come across. Some of the best art in the world comes from the street, so do this so that you don’t miss out on something spectacular.

See the Museums, Even the Cooky OnesArmour Museum

If you’re visiting a bigger city, there’s going to be a lot of museums around that you can check out. Often times, they’ll have really famous art for you to view, but in the case that you’re in a town that is small and doesn’t have the culture of a large city, go to whatever is around.

This might mean that you see a museum that is filled with petrified wood, or that you go to a museum that is full of a collection of Barbies throughout the decades. Just because something sounds weird doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing. In actuality, you might find that the museum of hairy things was your favorite museum of all time. As long as it’s art and it’s there for you to view, it could be worth your while.

Art is valuable in any capacity. As long as it makes you feel something, stirs you to think a little deeper, or causes you to laugh and not think at all, it enhances your life. Vacation is a time for you, so take the time to view art in whatever capacity possible and you’ll feel great.



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