Ways to Get Your Workout in While Traveling


Working out consistently can be hard enough when even when you’re home, let alone on the road. Exercise is essential to staying healthy and having enough energy to do ordinary tasks. Exercise not only keeps your weight down, it combats health problems and diseases, it improves your mood, and gives you better sleep.

It’s true that not everyone likes exercise, but most everyone likes the way they feel upon completing it. The trick is to find a fun way to get your workout in. It doesn’t have to be a grueling run, or the pressing of a million pounds over your head like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe your key to working out is playing with your children outside or throwing a baseball around.

Since the benefits of exercise have been stated, it’s important to you to incorporate some sort of exercise even while traveling. Traveling is known to make most feel tired and in a funk. Incorporate these tricks into your traveling routine and you should be left lot feeling a lot better.

runningIf You’re Traveling By Car

If you’re on the road and know you’ll be sitting down for hours and hours on end, make it a discipline to do something pertaining to physical activity every time you make a pit stop. If you’re one who doesn’t make many stops, sacrifice a little time to make one.

It will be good to get some fresh air, and this will be your time to hop out of the car, run a couple laps around the rest stop perimeter, and do some bodyweight exercises like pushups and situps. Another helpful way to make sure you’re getting enough exercise in during these times is to wear some kind of fitness tracker. It will motivate you to keep things moving.

If You’re Traveling By Plane

Confined spaces can be challenging. They’re awkward, uncomfortable, and the middle seat on a plane may as well be compared to hell itself. How is it possible to get in any sort of exercise amongst the crowds and crunched time schedules?

It’s possible. Consider doing leg lifts right from your seat. Other exercises that can be achieved are “circles”, where you lift your legs and move them in circles without touching the floor, crossover lifts, standing on your fists, and tricep lifts.

Sure it might be awkward with strangers around you, but maybe you can challenge them to do the exercises with you.

sportMake It Your Overall Goal

The most influential way to get your workouts in if you travel a lot or not much at all is to just make fitness your goal. No matter the activities you do, center them around physical activity.

Whenever you’re in a new place, find a swing set, a sturdy tree branch, a building overhang, or anything you could use as a pull up bar or a foundation for body weight exercises. Choose to take a walk in the park wherever it is you’re traveling and just do those 20 pushups. It’s all on you. You don’t really need a gym and you’ll feel better for doing it.



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