Top 5 Tips For Traveling With Wine

traveling with wine

Maybe you’re on vacation somewhere such as Europe and you’ve found an excellent bottle of wine that you absolutely must bring home with you to the United States. Or maybe you already have an excellent bottle of wine at home that you would like to bring with you on vacation.

Regardless of what the case may be, you need to be very careful when traveling with wine not only to make sure you follow all the laws and regulations but also so you ensure that your wine is transported as safely as it can be. This is true even if you’re bringing a lower priced type of wine such as Malbec Red Wines.

Here are the top five tips for traveling with wine:

  1. Carefully Read The Alcohol Transport Regulations

 Not only should you read the regulations, but you would be wise to bring a physical copy of the regulations with you to the airport in case if there is a dispute with the employees of the airport or airline.

  1. Protect Your Bottles In Bubble Wrap

 Bubble wrap is easily the cheapest option for protecting wine bottles in your luggage while traveling. Make sure that each bottle is wrapped individually rather than wrapping multiple bottles together, and then wrap each bubble wrapped bottle in a towel or heavy piece of clothing for added protection.

  1. Invest In A Bottle Guard

 If you want to take things a step forward, you can protect your wine bottles in a bottle guard instead of just simple bubble wrap. Bottle guards are fairly pricey, at around twenty dollars or more each, but they are well worth the investment as they come installed with shock absorbent materials and even a handle for convenient carrying. red wine

  1. Add Absorbent Padding To Each Bottle

 No matter how hard you try to protect each of your wine bottles while traveling, there’s still a chance that a bottle could become damaged and leak. In this scenario, it would be good to have an absorbent padding that will absorb any wine that leaks rather than allowing that wine to stain much of your luggage.

  1. Use A Wine Shipping Box For Multiple Bottles

 If you plan on traveling with multiple wine bottles, the wisest move here would be to use a wine shipping box that comes with foam padding on the inside. This will especially be the best course of action to take if you will be flying rather than driving. The vast majority of airlines will accept wine shipping boxes so long as they are sealed and made out of a common material such as cardboard.

Traveling With Wine

 By following the tips we have covered in this article, you will ensure that you travel with your wine in a way that follows the law and keeps your wine adequately protected. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the wine you bring with you on your trip without having to endure any major hassles.





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