Top 5 Surf Spots In The Great Down Under

Top surf spots Australia

If you are looking for an epic place to shred, Australia has nearly 60,000km of coastline with some of the best surfing opportunities in the world.  The vast area of coastline may make it more difficult to narrow down just where you want to go, but that is a good problem to have when you’re a thrill seeker.

You want to find the places with the most waves, the best beach bars, and passionate, friendly locals.  Here are a few spots that hold true to those standards.

Gold Coast, QLD

Saving the best for last, of course, the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia is one of the most well-known destinations in the country, and for good reason.  Head to The Royal Hotel for some of the best eats of your life, mixed with a bit of historic flair.

Head to Burleigh Heads for some of the best surfing of your life.  The beauty of the Gold Coast skyline will inspire, and the waves will rejuvenate your soul.

Surf AustraliaCentral Coast, NSW

The Central Coast is in New South Wales, Australia is located right in the middle of the trek between Sydney and Newcastle, so you know there is plenty to do on land when you are done surfing.  Central Coast is a surf spot for those of all experience levels.

Specifically, check out Avalon for beginner waves, and save Copacabana Beach for the experts in the travel party.  Copacabana breaks some powerful waves that hollow up and rip hard, so don’t get your feet wet if you can’t hang with the big boys/girls.

Exmouth, WA

Most people hear about Exmouth for the opportunity to swim with whales and see Ningaloo Reef up close on a snorkeling adventure, but don’t miss out on the gnarly surfing spots like The Bommie.

Australia oceanThere are also organizations that offer surf lessons in the area.  Hook up with the Exmouth Surf Centre, and take a few surf lessons on the waters of Wobiri Beach.  If you get hungry, the Ningaloo Bakehouse and Cafe offers plenty of protein rich cuisine to keep you going strong.

Bicheno, TAS

The beaches in Tasmania will have any regular swimmer’s head spinning.  That is why surfers love to gather along Tasmania’s Surf Coast.  From Bicheno, you can take surfing lessons, or head to Denison Beach to escape the crowds and shred free from the distraction of other tourists.

Sunshine coastVictor Harbor, SA

Not only is Victor Harbor one of the Earth’s most breathtaking treats for those who appreciate the beauty of nature, but it sits a mere 85 km south of the Adelaide Hills.  Adelaide is Australia’s wine country, and the area offers a traveler’s dream respite.

Knights Beach is home to the Annual Pro Bodyboarding Competition.  Head south, and you expert surfers can shred the waters of Waitpinga Beach.  Take caution.  The beach can be pretty isolated and sparsely populated, so take proper safety precautions.



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