Top 10 Indian Food Items you should try


India is a land with an astonishing blend of cultures, and we Indians love to celebrate the fact. The states are divided into 28, but every Indian knows that the cultural fragments are a million more. As the ethnicity is diverse, so is the food. Each cuisine has a story that is so embedded in the land and its way of life that it’s hard to segregate one from another. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, an India travel is a scrumptious treat for any traveler’s taste buds. What makes it so special is the drastic dissimilarity in the taste of the food in each state.

Regardless of whether it’s a North India tour or a South India tour, each stopover will offer countless varieties of food that can keep you engaged throughout the India travel. Truth to tell, a gastronomic tour of the country should figure on anyone’s list, because great food makes for great holidays! It’s a tough task to list out top 10 Indian food items to try, simply because each is so amazing, but here’s something you can begin with on your India travel.

Mutton Rogan Josh1)      Kashmiri Mutton Rogan Josh

Kashmir’s love affair with mutton cuisine is so deep that you cannot separate one from another. If you are on planning a northIndia tour, make it a point to include Kashmir, and introduce your taste buds to the traditional Kashmiri mutton rogan josh. One of most popular mutton dishes to come out Kashmir, the dish is an import by Mughals and now a staple part of Kashmiri wazwan. The ingredients appear quite simplistic, with onions, spices, and yogurt being the main ingredients, along with mutton. The iconic Kashmiri red chillies lend this dish a deep red color and complete the magic recipe. Traditional in taste and royal in looks, this is a must-have dish in your India travel.

shorshe ilish2)      Bengali ShorsheIlish

Fish, fish and still more fish! Diehard fans will swear by the taste and aroma! Coming from the eastern part of India, ShorsheIlish or IlishMaach is a delicious fish preparation from West Bengal, and has an irreplaceable place in the Bengali cuisine. It’s a traditional fish curry variation where the Ilish fish is first deep fried; and water is thereafter added to the gravy. Bengali ShorsheIlish is best served with boiled rice and is a treat to your tongue. This trademark Bengali dish has all the potential to add an irresistible flavor to your India travel.

chole bhature3)      Dhokla from Gujarat

Straight from the heart of Gujarat, dhoklas are made out of fermented batter derived from rice and split chickpeas. A dish of multiple faces, dhokla can be served for breakfast or can be eaten as a snack or a side dish. Soft, moist and spongy in nature, dhoklas are a must have in your India travel. The dish is mild in flavor and light on your tummy, and can be had either plain or tangy – as your mood pleases.

Chicken_Hyderabadi4)      Hyderbadi Biriyani

A South India tour is incomplete without a plate of Hyderabad Biriyani! This iconic dish from Hyderabad is is hugely popular among Indians and visiting foreigners alike. Cooked with mutton or chicken, the other ingredients include basmati rice and spices. The dish smells heavenly and tastes even better! The procedure is long and complicated, but does complete justice to the delectable final taste. A not-to-be-missed dish in your gourmet tour!

samosa5)      Samosa

The most popular snack in India, samosa can be regarded as the king of Indian snacks. An indispensable part of the menu in almost every eatery, samosa can be easily found throughout your India travel. From the extravagant food courts to the crowded streets, this snack is completely rooted in Indian cuisine. No one quite knows why the savory is loved so much – perhaps a combination of a crispy exterior and spicy filling, or maybe the sight of those golden triangles sizzling in oil. Whatever it is, samosas define Indian snacks. Besides, a hot samosa and a cup of tea – a match made in heaven!

indian6)      Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is one of the most popular dishes in Tamil Nadu, and it has now made its way as a dish that is loved and adored all across India and abroad. Made out of urad dal and rice, few chefs will reveal the exact proportion. They so crisp that you’ll end up celebrating each golden, spicy mouthful. Served with sambhar and chutney, masala dosa is very much a part of Tamil culture. Therefore, the best dosas are arguably made in that part of the country. Don’t be surprised if you find imaginative variants of masala dosa during your south India tours – creative chefs have tried everything from cheese to mushrooms to sweet corn to give a fresh twist to an ancient dish.

Maasor_Muror_Khar7)      Assamese Khar

Khar is a unique and integral part of an Assamese meal. Khar is cooked with raw papaya, pulses and another main ingredient. It is then filtered with water through dried banana ashes, [I1] which gives it a flavor which cannot be experienced elsewhere. Served along with lunch, Khar is exceptional and will make your India travel a memorable food experience.

pork curry8)      Nagaland’s Smoked Pork

Nagaland is hugely popular for its pork, and smoked pork leads the list. Smoked pork with bamboo shoots is a delicious combination. A must have for all foodies, this really showcases the diversity of Indian food and food culture in the different states. There is only one spice in this dish, and that’s the famous Raja chilly. Even so, the skill with which the dish is cooked and the heat of the chilly in the cold climate, make the dish lip-smacking!

Palak Paneer, Soya Kebab, Masala Chees, Green Peas with Makki Ki Roti, Indian Food9)      Chole-Bhature

One of the most popular dishes from Punjabi cuisine, this is a must-have food item in your India travel. It is a combination of spicy chana masala and bhatura – fried bread. Usually eaten for breakfast, chole-bhature runs deep into the fabric of North Indian cuisine. The mild sourness of the bhatura combined with the mouth-watering zesty taste of the chana results in a superb synthesis.

Karimeen_fish_fry10)   Karimeen (pearl spot fish) Pollichathu

An integral part of Kerala cuisine, Karimeenpollichathu may be the most famous dish to emanate from Kerala. A SouthIndia tour in the backwaters of Kerala, flavored with fresh karimeenpollichathu, will be a perfection combination for your India travel. What makes this special is the cooking style of baking it in plantain leaves, which is bound to make anyone drool.

So whatever is your inclination – spicy or bland, toasted or curried, traditional or fusion – no part of India will disappoint you, for we are a country of food lovers. Go ahead and embark on your Indiatour – find gourmet meals in surprising places, and enjoy your holiday to the last, finest morsel.

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