The Savvy Traveler: 4 Things To Research Before A Trip

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People who have never traveled think it’s a piece of cake. Book a flight, turn up to the airport on time, and enjoy a glorified vacation. Of course, nothing in life this is simple. In reality, while exploring a new country or continent is an incredible experience, it takes lots of effort and energy. If you aren’t aware of the small things, you can easily come undone in a foreign environment with no backup plan.

That’s why research is vital; it’s a safety net which prevents things from escalating out of control. Here are the topics to consider before booking a ticket.

Entry Requirements

A US passport isn’t as strong as it some of its European cousins. The British, for example, can get a visa on arrival in a host of countries around the world. The same goes for the French and the Germans. Americans aren’t as lucky and often need to apply for a visa before entering the country. Always keep this in mind as one of two things will happen: A) they won’t let you board the plane B) they’ll refuse you entry. Other things to consider are the length of time left on your passport and proof of onward travel.

Medical Treatment Centers

Places in Africa and Asia don’t have the same ubiquity of care as the US. While their level of care is high, you might have to travel a long way to receive treatment. If something happens, this can be a major issue as you might not have the time to spare. Consider Southeast Asia. On the whole, Bangkok is the place where travelers need to go to get vaccinations and immunizations. Therefore, it’s better to get them before departing the country than it is to leave it to chance. This is particularly true if there is a rabies scare.

Wifi Speeds

Wifi won’t seem like a big deal to a lot of people. Not relying on the internet is freeing in its way. But, some people like to mix work and travel. Do you fall into this category? If the answer is yes, faster downloads and rapid upload speeds are vital to ensure you never miss a deadline. It won’t be a shock that certain places aren’t very wifi-friendly. With this in mind, it might be wise to spend a chunk of time in a place where you know there is an internet connection and get through the bulk of the work.

Lost FoundDirections

Finding a landmark is easy with Google Maps. Set the app to work offline and you can follow the directions straight to your hotel, subway stop, or local attraction. However, it will come as a surprise that Maps doesn’t work everywhere in the world. China is a prime example, but so is South Korea. Keen to keep sensitive information under wraps, SK hasn’t provided Google with the relevant data. So, if you’re heading to the country, you will want to write down the directions and keep them handy.

Otherwise, you might spend the first day of your trip riding the subway in a sweaty state!



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