Taste The Magical French Style This Weekend In Val D’Isere


Today might be the perfect time for you to unwind after a busy work week. Don’t you like the sound of relaxing in the midst of breathtaking views and doing whatever pleases you, without having to worry about meeting and presentations?

Although staying at home may be a convenient way of taking a breather, there’s really nothing quite like embarking on a destination holiday to recharge and prepare for more busy days ahead. How about taking your first destination holiday in beautiful France?

Val d’Isère: Your Next Destination in France

Val d’Isère is located at the southeastern part of France, and lies 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the border of Italy. It is here that you will find Face de Bellavarde, the site of the men’s downhill race during the 199 Winter Olympics. Among other skiing events held during those times were the men’s giant slalom and alpine combined.

Val d’Isere hosts World Cup alpine events regularly for the men’s category during early December. The ski area Espace Killy is composed of Val d’Isere and Tigne. This was named after the three-time Olympic champion Jean-Claude Killy who grew up in Val d’Isere.

Anyone who comes to Val d’Isere would instantly fall in love with the undeniable beauty of the region. What stands out when you go around the village is the baroque church, the array of cozy chalets and the majestic mountains that you can see all around.

The streets are very safe to wander with your friends or family. Locals are friendly enough to guide you, should you need help with directions. It is like a home away from home where you can feel comfortable catching up with one another while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

The slopes of Val d’Isere will surely captivate any ski enthusiast because it runs about 10,000 hectares of pure fun and enjoyment. As many people would describe, Val d’Isere provides a feeling of ultimate freedom with its vast ski playground where you can absolutely explore and see the beauty of the location.

The ski area of varying slopes is accessible for people of all ski skill levels. Peak season runs from the second week of December to early May the following year. This serves as the perfect destination for cheap ski holidays when you visit before the peak months.

port-du-suleFor first-time skiers, there are a number of ski schools that can teach basic skills. Here are a few of the ski schools that you can find:

  • Snowboard Val d’Isere
  • Ecole Du Ski Francais
  • Oxygene- Ecole de Ski
  • Evolution 2 Val d’Isere
  • Top Ski
  • Stage Mattis
  • Bureau Des Guides De Val d’Isere
  • Teta Hors Piste & Tetra Pink
  • Alpine Experience
  • Iski Val – Ecole de Ski

Their friendly ski instructors will definitely help you learn skiing in no time. Once you know the basics, you would never want to go anywhere else for your next holiday escapade.

Make sure you being your complete skiing gear to ensure that you are properly insulated all the time.

Val d’Isere Mountains

Looking at the wonderful landscape of Val d’Isere will leave you in jaw-dropping awe. It is such an exceptional place that all you could see is the perfect beauty of nature.

You may also enjoy fishing at Ouillette Lake, located at 2.6 kilometers from the Solaise Mountain with a grand view of the Bellavarde Mountain. It is also a great spot for an outdoor picnic with the whole family.

At the heart of the Savoie is the Vanoise National Park. This was developed in 1963 that covers a vast amount of land where every living creature is protected. That is the reason why the park has remained beautiful since it was first opened to the public.

Spending a few days at Val d’Isere may not be enough. You should check out the Col de l’Iseran, the highest road mountain pass in the Alps. On your way to Route des Grandes Alpes , you will pass by so many cultural features and local specialties that will really awaken your senses.

Val d’Isere is an enjoyable place even during the summer. Lifts are free and every one can have a grand view of the open landscape. You will see quite a number of mountain bikers and paragliders having so much fun under the sun – or snow, whatever the mood of the season is.

There are also bike parks with different kind of trails that any health enthusiast would enjoy exploring. From simple bike trails to endure runs, the trails would definitely bring a lot of fun to you and your friends.

France Travel Checklist

Before you get overly excited over your trip to France, make sure that you follow these tips for a stress-free holiday:

Pack light

Since you’ll be away for only a number of days, do not burden yourself by having to carry so many things. Use a multi-functional convertible bag so you can conveniently push it while walking on a smooth pavement, and carry it as a backpack when walking on cobblestones.

Organize the contents of your bag by putting the same things together like all your pants and skirts in one pack, all your tops in another pack, and the like. This helps you from keeping all your things inside the bag without worry of accidentally spilling them out.

Don’t forget to pack your other essentials such as toiletries and a medicine kit in case of emergencies. Bring the right amount of everything that you need so that you don’t have to lug around a huge bag.

Look for the most cost-effective accommodation

Check out for the cheapest place to stay. You don’t need to be in a expensive and luxurious hotel during your destination trips. Remember that you are on a holiday and you will be out of the hotel most of the day, unless what you intend to do is a staycation of some sort.

Bring weather-ready clothes

Make sure that the clothes you bring are appropriate to the place where you are going. Check the weather during the time of your trip, and prepare clothing that can protect you from any kind of weather. Apart from having your skiing gear with you, make sure you have warm clothes to put on when you want to stroll by the village.

Your weekend at Val d’Isere would need you to bring comfortable shoes, so that you can check out all the wonderful places that Val d’Isere offers without having your feet swollen after walking.

Be wise in using cards for payment

Although a credit card makes purchasing more convenient when you travel, you should know that when you purchase things outside your home country, you may also need to pay for additional fees. Use debit cards instead.

Val d’Isere is packed with so many activities that you will absolutely have so much fun and would never have any boring moments. The place has lined up several entertainment options such as ski competitions, concerts, food fair and international film festivals.

Your weekend escapade at Val d’Isere will surely be one memorable experience: a home away from home, your little heaven on earth, and your weekend of grandeur.


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