Luxurious River Cruises Offer Out of the Box Vacations

Luxurious river cruise

When people hear the words ‘luxury cruise’, they tend to think of the massive floating villages that are today’s ocean liners, going from one exotic place to another. However, luxury cruising can also be river cruising. Providers such as Viking River Cruises have redefined cruising and what this can mean to people.

A New Alternative

River cruising is something that experienced cruisers and novices alike will enjoy. It is a wonderful alternative that allows you to gain a different perspective on cities and countries that you may have already visited otherwise in the past. River cruises exist across every continent, which means you can get to know some truly exotic cultures as well. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about motion sickness at all.

Smaller Ships

The ships used on river cruises are nothing like the floating villages. This is because rivers are often narrow and shallow. However, that doesn’t mean you’re barging either. Usually, some 100 to 200 people can be on board of a river cruise ship in comfort and luxury.

River CruiseA Personal, Flexible, Casual Service

Because the ships are smaller, the experience is a lot more casual. Additionally, the formality of expensive dinners is taken out of the equation, which means you don’t have to bring dress jackets or suits with you. Of course, if you want to go chic, that is entirely up to you.

A Relaxed and Slow Pace

Many people find ocean cruises quite hectic. There are always huge and loud activities going on, staff and passengers are buzzing and milling around each other, and you are shepherded from one port to the other where you have to be quick, quick, quick. On a river cruise, by contrast, the pace is slower and more relaxed. You will have the opportunity to really enjoy the atmosphere. Furthermore, you don’t have vast expanses of great emptiness to travel through, as rivers are always surrounded by beautiful landscapes and many towns and villages. It is a very relaxing way to spend a vacation.

An Intimate Introduction to Your Destination

When you go on a river cruise, you will really get to know the place you visit, as you will travel through its very heart. You won’t spend all your time in cities, nor, as said, in vast empty expanses of nothingness. Rather, you will travel the waters that ancient cultures before you traveled as well and you will learn to see the area the way the locals do as well.

Fantastic Service

Most importantly, when you are on board a river cruise, you will enjoy a truly luxurious and amazing service. All your needs will be met and you will be able to truly sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, doing the things that you like to do. Clearly, river cruising is a much more enjoyable experience than being on a huge cruise liner and having to deal with tight schedules and thousands of other people around you.


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