Key Essentials When Traveling Israel

Tel Aviv Beach

So you’ve arranged a leave from work or school and decided to travel Israel? Have you done all you can do to prepare for your trip?

Everyday, there are hundreds of flights to Tel Aviv – one of the world’s most lively and spectacular cities. The New York Times does not call it the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ for nothing. Tel Aviv is a vibrant city that does not sleep. It celebrates its exotic Mediterranean beaches all throughout the day and takes pride on its first-class nightlife once the sun sets. Guests from all over the world also flock to witness the city’s notable cultural scene, delectable cuisine, UNESCO-acclaimed architecture, and overall international perspective.

But like any perfect vacation, it entails a lot of careful planning. Below are the key essentials you need to manage when traveling to Israel.Aviv

  1. Half-empty luggage bags

Considering the number of must-visit places in the country, you’ll be thanking yourself later if you just bring the essential items in your luggage. A handful of clothes plus a pair of footwear or two will go a long way. However, save half of your luggage allowance for the things that you want to buy in the country. Who knows? You might score a bit (or a lot) of items from your shopping stopovers.

The last thing you will want to deal with after a spectacular trip to Israel is paying an awful lot of money for your overweight luggage on your flight back to your home country.Tel Aviv Isreal

  1. Local money

Having a handful of local money prior to your flight gives you an edge. Foreign exchange rates differ from currency to currency and from place to place. While you may change your money once you arrive at the local airport, it still helps to have a readily-available cash just in case you don’t initially find any suitable money changer centers. When in doubt, stashing some US dollars in your pocket before traveling anywhere is your safest bet.

  1. Prior knowledge

Yes, you are bound to have fun, but safety must always come first. As a tourist, doing your research about a place can go a long way. While planning your itinerary, allot some time to educate yourself about the local culture and the  behavior of the people. Doing so will prevent you from stepping boundaries you should not cross.

Also, learn about the popular tourist traps and scams, so you are can prevent them from happening. Israel is a renowned tourist destination, so you will be faced with people of all ages and races. Remember, crimes are prevalent where tourists are frequent.Tel Aviv Sunset

  1. Device management

Are you bringing cameras, laptops, or other electronics? Make sure you know the airport rules about bringing them. Some devices are allowed to be hand-carried while there are some that you must check-in to the aircraft cargo.

Another thing a lot of travelers tend to overlook is bringing extension cords and universal adapters. Sooner or later, you will be needing these devices to charge your electronics. Your chosen accommodation may or may not offer them, so you might as well skip trouble by making sure you bring them.







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