Joys of Traveling

Joys of Travel

I’m not one for cold winter months, and I always make it a point to go on holiday in a sunny paradise around this time of year. The problem with sunny havens is that they are always accompanied by a particularly intense band of people. They push in too close with no concern for your personal space. They try to sell you things that you neither want nor need. And they try to scam you at every turn.

But what is the point of going abroad if you’re not going to immerse yourself in the local
culture? What is the point of sun and sand if you don’t get the chance to see the natives decked out in their finest livery? Why go to other side of the world knowing that you cannot abide by their general way of life?

I have asked myself all these questions, and the answer was always, “Who cares? I just want to be warm and fight off the winter blues.” So I always go out of my way to plan my trips in such a way that I can isolate myself from the humdrum of local life. The problem with this method is that it costs an arm and a leg. And sometimes a kidney. The companies in these paradises know that the average foreigner cannot keep up with the lifestyle in these countries. So they offer a sanitized version of the trip which minimizes the level of stress that an ill-equipped traveler might face.Taxi stand

It’s pointless, I know. But if you have ever been abroad then you are already burdened with the knowledge that right beyond those airport doors is a mob of cab drivers waiting to scam you. They’ll charge you 5 times the price that they would charge a local and then proceed to lead you to a beat up jalopy. At the end of the day, if you’re going to be overcharged no matter what you do, then you should be overcharged by a premier service. A service that provides you with a driver of few words, a nice, air-conditioned car and a  smooth transit to your hotel.

But do not despair my travel worn friends, for I have found a solution: The ultimate transfer company. If you’re tired of shelling out money in the hopes that you will be treated with basic human decency, or perhaps you’re traveling on a budget, then I would like to introduce you to my secret Airport Transfer Taxi Service.

This company truly is a gift from above. They offered me an affordable and pleasant transfer from the airport to my hotel. They even offered the option of a taxi service to deliver me door-to-door to visit some of my expat friends. The best part was that I never had to make plans through a phone operator; I simply made all my bookings online and was promptly picked up by a taxi driver who drove a nice car and had professional decorum. I never once had to worry about being fleeced, because the price was already set in advance.

All in all jetting off to far off lands has become less of trial and more of an affordable delight.


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