How To Travel On A Budget

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Everyone knows the feeling of being just so ready for a holiday. But that does not mean that you have just the right amount of money to go on away. Especially when it comes to long-distance travel and family holidays, the trip can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. Those who do not have these sums but do not want to miss a holiday need to find a way to finance their holiday or employ various methods to get the right price. Here are some of them.

Choose Cheap Flights

If you haven’t yet mastered the craft of finding cheap flights, one of the key ways to save money on travel is to fly when flights are cheaper. This means you will not be able to travel in months like July and August. You will have to wait for seasons like October, November or May. Seasons more stops, with little influx of tourists that will make your days a paradise. Also, you can even choose to travel the “cheapest month” of the year.

Want to know the advantages of traveling on these dates? No waiting, queues, the places you visit are not full of tourists, and you can find a place on the beach.

Pay In Installments

Maybe you already know the procedure from the car purchase or the last purchase of a dishwasher. Relatively, it is increasingly popular to fund holidays instead of paying for them all at once.  Some lenders offer online installment loans that help you divide the purchase price by the number of months which to pay off the holiday.

Frequently, however, high-interest rates are linked to the financing of package holidays on installments, a kind of “rental fee.” These effective interest rates are usually between 5 – 25%. This means that your actual travel price can increase by a maximum of 25% through the financing.  You should always keep well informed what the financing conditions are so that the beautiful summer vacation is not a debt disaster.

In order to get a commitment for the travel financing, you usually need proof of address and if necessary evidence about salary, the current employment, and its duration. With these regularities, providers want to make sure that you can really repay your debt. However, all providers are different.

Get Information

Do not leave any detail at random. When you are clear about your destination, visit travel forums to gather opinions that guide you on what to do and what not to do to save money. You can even use travel apps that can save you time and money before embarking on the trip. It is proven: if you plan, you save.

sleep cheapChoose An Affordable Destination

In any case, the strength of your currency, especially if it is the dollar is an advantage for outbound tourism. So the dollar zone, South America, and Asia are cheaper destinations mainly because daily spending is substantially lower.

Communicate Cheaply

Talking on the phone can be quite expensive when you leave for abroad (most networks charge you when you call and when they call you). It is advisable to enter a cybercafé and spend a few dollars to connect to the Internet when contacting friends and family, or even consider using phone apps.

Sleep For Cheap

There are many ways to sleep for little money: you could, for instance, stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. Also, if you are brave enough, you can try couch-surfing, which is a network that allows you to travel around the world staying in the house of strangers that has become almost a way of life. A house exchange will involve giving your house to someone else in exchange for staying in theirs. It is tempting, but choosing a central location in the city tends to be more expensive. Do not let yourself be carried away by comfort.

CouchsurfingRent An Apartment

If you go with a group of friends, rent an apartment together. It is the cheapest way to travel in a group after camping. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home, although you should always make an effort to try the typical foods of the place. In an apartment, you can also prepare some cocktails or mojitos before going out to party and play the music while you prepare. This can be a fun activity too, especially if it is done among friends. Everything prepaid comes out cheaper, excursions included.

If you do choose to go down the apartment option, it may be more cost effective to hire hotels through agencies or packages because it usually comes out cheaper, and they can offer you considerable savings.

Book In Advance

Both for the flights and the apartment, make sure you book them early, so you can compare all the offers, and you will have the lowest price. Do not wait at the last minute or spend too much time browsing through websites, because you may run out of flights or the apartment you find is the most expensive.

Create A Travel Guide

To save money on a trip, it is essential to create a travel guide, although you can always go on an unplanned adventure. A travel guide will help you to narrow down the places you should visit, how much they cost, and can also provide information on restaurants, for example. Remember not to focus solely on tourism, also on leisure activities such as aqua parks, and theme parks.


Funding a holiday is not always easy. If you do go down the finance option, the financing method chosen will depend on the summer expenses that you want to finance. The most responsible thing is to split expenses and choose which ones you will finance and which ones you will pay with savings to avoid greater debt for the vacation.

The most advisable thing is to make a budget and try to use your money wisely. The most common is to pay with savings the most common expenses of the holidays and to pay other expenses in installments This way, you will avoid getting into too much debt. Regardless of how you plan to work it out, through enough planning, you can make sure you have a holiday to remember without breaking the bank.






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