Getting Ready for Your Ski Trip

Ski Trip

There are a number of things you need to be suitably prepared in order to partake in skiing and snowboarding when winter rolls around – however, once you have amassed the right clothing and gear, you can hit the slopes for hours of fun. Let these infographics be your guide to outfitting yourself in the appropriate manner so that nothing stops you from enjoying your time in warmth and comfort. The right equipment for your chosen activity will likely include boots (plus a bag for keeping them separate), a ski or snowboard, ski poles, and a backpack. You’ll also want a well-fitting helmet, goggles and a camera to document your time.

Clothing is just as important – if not more – than the gear. A good base layer, whether natural fiber or synthetic, plus mid-layers, made of polyester, merino wool or nylon, are vital for maintaining your body temperature. Choose a great, durable pair of pants, tall socks, a high quality parka, and accessories: a hat, gloves, facemask, sunglasses and/or goggles, and a neck gaiter. These pieces will all work together in order to keep you safe, dry and happy while you’re having the time of your life on the mountain. All you’ll need next is a great snowy day and some hot chocolate to warm up with when you’re ready to come in from the cold.
Ready, Set, Ski: The Essential Ski Trip Equipement List


Ready, Set, Ski: The Essential Ski Trip Apparel List


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