Get Off the Beaten Path in Europe; Visit Mallorca


If you love traveling through Europe, you already know that there are more places to visit than you could satisfactorily travel to in a lifetime. Europe has all kinds of destination spots. It is a melting pot of cultures, languages, histories, and traditions. Nowhere else in the world can you enjoy so many different kinds of living without having to get on an airplane (at least very often). Yes indeed, Europe is great, and you may think you’ve seen it all. But until you’ve visited Mallorca, there’s a distinct European flavor which you have not yet tasted.

Mallorca, or Majorca, is part of the Balearic Islands. It’s technically part of Spain, but the little island nation has been so accepted by German people as a prime holiday spot that many Mallorcans think of themselves as part of Germany (almost). Despite this, there are many Spanish, and uniquely Mallorcan, traditions which still persist. Though you can enjoy cuisine and attractions catering to just about any culture you can name, there is still plenty of Majorcan food and culture to enjoy. After all, this nation has a permanent population of nearly 1 million people. That’s a lot of room for tourists and non-tourists alike.

mallorcaGo to Book Mallorca to find the best deals on accommodations and travel to Mallorca. Through the villa rentals you can see through the above link, you and whoever you are traveling with will have the opportunity to see some of Mallorca’s most beautiful vistas, without seeing so much as a tourist anywhere around you. That’s one of the best ways to enjoy the island. Sure, there are places on Mallorca that can be overrun with tourists. Whether you want an entire villa, a beach house, or a simple apartment, Book Mallorca has everything that you’re looking for.

Mallorca also has plenty of resorts catering to visitors from far away lands. You’ll be able to enjoy world class food, accommodations, and attractions. You could also choose to go it alone. There are plenty of places on the island where tourists don’t tend to go. Here, you can sample truly authentic Mexican food, the way it’s made on Mallorca. You don’t have to plan every step of your journey in isolation. Why not rent a villa to use as a home base, then venture out into authentic Old Mallorca on your spare time? Mallorca has a long history for you to explore, including ruins and burial structures that date back 6000 years or more.

majorca However you choose to enjoy Mallorca, it’s an essential part of Europe and one that is nothing like anywhere else in this massive continent. It’s easy to venture to Mallorca as a stand-alone holiday. Or you could visit Europe and go to Mallorca for a few days (or longer). Oftentimes, people report that their stay in Mallorca is their favorite part of a larger European excursion, and you may find that this is your experience as well. Try out Mallorca for yourself; you’ll like it.




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