Exciting European Countries To Visit

There’s no better continent to visit than Europe if you’re looking for an exciting traveling experience. There’s so much history to the beautiful countries that make up this fascinating part of the world, but there’s just as much exciting modern culture as there is ancient culture. Many European countries still have as big an impact and influence on the modern world as they did centuries ago. Of course, Europe is a big place. If you don’t have the time or money to see it all then here are some of the most exciting countries that you need to visit.Berlin

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Germany is one of the most exciting cities to visit in Europe. Of course, you should start by visiting the capital. Berlin is not only a shiny modern city that plays a big part in the modern world; it’s also the center of historic significance. The remnants of the Berlin Wall are well worth seeing on your visit. This site marks a very dark point in human history, but it’s an experience that’ll certainly open your eyes and your mind.

You should also visit some of the fantastic museums in Berlin. You might want to see the iconic Pergamon museum if you’re intrigued by the idea of the mesmerizing 19th century Pergamon Altar. It represents a mythical battle between giants and Gods. It’s definitely an intriguing experience. Of course, there’s more to Germany than Berlin. Head south and you’ll end up in Bavaria. You should visit Neuschwanstein Castle whilst you’re there. It’s a magnificent monument both architecturally and historically.


Poland is one of the most exciting European countries to visit, and it’s a shame that it’s not as popular with tourists as other countries on the continent. You should obviously visit the famous city of Kraków for its historical relevance as the capital during the Polish Golden Age of Renaissance. But you might also want to take a trip to some of the beautiful castles in Poland if you’re looking for a real adventure. You should visit the fascinating Ksiaz castle in Walbrzych, Lower Silesia that dates back to the 13th century. The gold train of Walbrzych is rumored to lie in underground tunnels beneath the tunnel and contain Nazi treasures from the Second World War. There’s nothing more exciting than a story of treasures that have not been found. That’s the kind of traveling experience that’ll make you feel like a true explorer.

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Scotland offers so much to see and do, even if it might not seem that way on the surface. The Scottish Highlands make up a beautiful piece of nature that’s well worth visiting, but that’s only the start of what you can see in the fantastic country. The city of Edinburgh definitely sums up everything that’s fantastic about Scotland. It’s surrounded by beautiful countryside, for starters. You should walk up Arthur’s Seat and admire the city from a higher vantage point. As for the city itself, there’s a lot to explore. Make sure you see Edinburgh Castle. It’s an interesting historical experience.


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