Back to Basics: Top Tips for an Organised Trip Abroad

Take a trip

Stick a pin in a map, close your eyes and spin a globe or jump on a bus with no terminus in mind – you’ve done it all in the hope of finding new and exciting destinations to experience on your path to spiritual enlightenment…

…but you’re growing bored.

Whilst this game of travel chance was once undeniably thrilling (albeit risky), there comes a time when randomly hopping on public transport and pricking holes in your precious Freytag & Berndt map simply has to stop.

In any case, one roll of the dice is all it takes to have you heading for a wet weekend in Wolverhampton – and even Bill Bryson would struggle to pick out the positives of this particular West Midlands adventure.

With a little help, however, you can begin to leave your perilous peripatetic days behind you, as you get to grips with the services conventional globetrotters use to take some of the guesswork out of travelling abroad.

Take a peek …

Use a Travel Agent

There’s no doubt traditional travel agents have been overshadowed by online agents, but there’s one thing you can’t get when booking a holiday online: the personal touch. So if you’re looking for your travel agent to make a recommendation, nothing beats popping into the branch for a chinwag.

Although leisure travel is typically influenced by trends in disposable income, consumer confidence and the exchange rate of the pound, you’re much more likely to leave the travel agents with confidence in your choice of holiday with the agent’s endorsement ringing in your ears.

parking-garageBook Airport Parking

In your happy-go-lucky travelling heyday, you’d probably hitchhike to the airport with your belongings stuffed into a bindle and a sense of freedom severely lacking when it comes to modern holidays – especially with a partner and three kids in tow.

Nowadays, driving to the airport is much more likely, which means the stress of finding a parking space. However, by using a meet and greet service (Gatwick meet and greet is particularly handy), you can drive to the terminal and stroll to the check-in with the minimum of fuss. Win!

Jungle AirportArrange a Transfer

Admittedly, you’d love nothing better than to turn up at some outpost of an airport and struggle to make your way towards civilisation, but when you have three hungry children tugging at your chinos, it makes life a tad more difficult.

As such, avoid falling out with your family before you reach the hotel by organising a transfer from the airport to your accommodation. Your partner will thank you. Your children will thank you (maybe). Best of all, your sanity will thank you.

Now it’s over to you …

Do you have any top tips for the traditionally buccaneer traveller looking to ride the train of “normality”? Please let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to read what you have to say!



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