8 Tips for Planning Your Luxury Trip in Canada


Home to the stunning Rocky Mountain range, swaths of wilderness, wild forests and modern cities with an old-world charm, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. If Canada-on-$1-a-day, stay-in-hostel budget-travel type holidays are not quite your thing, we give you tips on how to plan for your luxury trip to Canada. Combine a fantastic visit to the Great White North without giving up your creature comforts.

This is how to enjoy a luxury trip to Canada:

  • Getting There: Most airlines which fly into Canada’s airports offer you first-class or business options. Arrive well rested and start your vacation off on the right foot by travelling in style.canada
  • Shop ‘Til You Drop: You will find a fantastic range of retail centers right across Canada, many of them carrying brand names. If quality is important to you, shop at top-class stores. One of a kind Canadian crafted works of art, furs and fashion can be found in many shops.
  • Stay in Luxury: Canada is home to some of the best hotels on this planet. From fairy-tale castles to five star accommodation in the Canadian Rockies, you will always find a pampered spot to call home while touring this amazing country.
  • Wine & Dine: Whatever your choice, you will find a fantastic range of culinary surprises in Canada. Award-winning restaurants provide the finest cuisine, while unique bars with rare Canadian wines dot this country.lake-agnes
  • Four Wheel Comfort: Luxury car rental is a first-class option in Canada. Whether you choose to whizz across the highways in a sporty BMW or take to the terrain with solid jeeps, car rental companies have all you are looking for, and more.
  • Pampering Services: Canada is supremely customer-oriented and if you are used to your creature comforts, then you will enjoy the range of pampering services available in this country. From maids to manicurists, from babysitters to bar-men, you will receive top notch service with a smile at affordable prices.
  • Finest Views: With so much stunning natural beauty and wildlife, you will be taking in some of the best views in the world. Take along your best camera and snap away. Lakes, mountains, historic buildings, valleys and picturesque alpine villages – Canada has it all.




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