6 Best Travel Apps

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There are more than 195 countries in the world. Many folks miss out on the beauty, experiences, and sites that foreign places have to offer out of fear of going broke, getting lost, or some other hazard. Thankfully, in a high-tech world, there are tons of handy travel apps designed to help you have fun on your next big adventure.

Here is six of the top travel app for today’s digital globetrotters.


Compatible with Apple products, Hopper is your best friend when it comes to navigating billions of airfares on a daily basis and picking out the best flight rates when prices drop. Use the app’s innovative color-coded calendar to spot the cheapest dates during the month and then snag your flight. When you’re waiting for your flight after you have successfully booked it, use LoungeBuddy (for iOS or Android) to help you find the nearest airport lounge in any of the more than 500 airports across the globe.


Who needs a travel agent when you have this app? From renting a car to finding lodging or somewhere scrumptious to dine, TripIt enables you to construct a custom itinerary of your trip, or simply email confirmations of your flight, hotels, or train tickets to plans@tripit.com.smartphone


Used for both Android and Apple, TripAdvisor enables millions of travelers to rank bars, hotels, restaurants, medical assisting schools, and other places utilizing a five star system. This has allowed the handy app to formulate a crowdsourced list of any city’s must see attractions. Skip the tour guide and use TripAdvisor to find all of the must-see places in the region you are visiting.


Think of this app as your go-to meteorologist for anywhere in the world. With the simple interface, you can find the climate and weather for almost any location, including the temperature, visibility, wind speed, local time, and other factors that could possibly impact your enjoyment during your trip.


Steer clear of well-trodden travel trails and slip into the local scene using this app. Localeur solicits advice straight from the locals of the city to find authentic and eclectic bars, restaurants, and more. While it’s only limited to 14 major cities at the time, Localeur makes up in handiness for what it lacks in coverage.


Want to keep friends and family back home informed of your adventures? Use this app to keep travel mementos that you can send back to your loved ones via text or email for only $1.

As you can see, you will never be lost or lonely while traveling with these great and useful apps. Simply download them all before your next trip and create a memorable and fun holiday.


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