5 Ways To Have A Better Tourist Experience

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It’s all good to go out and be a typical tourist and do typical tourist things. But, what if you want a deeper experience? What if you want to do things that aren’t average or normal or typical? What are some things that you can do to gain this new, unique perspective?

Well, if that’s your mindset, consider the five following ways to do exactly this, including getting a job where you travel to, finding a local to guide you around, not being afraid of the local food, staying for an extended period, and working different financial angles.

Get a Job

It’s one of the last things many tourists think of, but especially if you don’t have any major plans for anything after, why not get a job where you’ve traveled to? Pick something there that might be interesting, and go for it. The worst that could happen is that you would apply but not get it, and the best is that you could have a riot really participating in another culture, and even make some money doing it.

Find a Local Tour Guide

A lot of tourist destinations have special paths for visitors. If you want a deeper experience, consider finding someone who lives where you’re visiting to show you around. There are commercial ways to do this, but then there’s always the option of just befriending people and asking if they’ll show you around. There are certain risks to this, but the rewards could be that you get a much deeper understanding of where you’re at, and can have unique experiences that few other travelers can say that they’ve had.

Foreign CuisineDon’t Fear the Food

Try to eat the local cuisine. If you need to, look up foreign food ahead of time so you know what the basic ingredients are going to be, and then head in full speed. Experience the taste of a new place. Yes, there may be a few bellyaches in the process, and you don’t necessarily want to shock yourself into getting sick, but just don’t be afraid to try new things.

Stay for Longer

Want a deeper experience? Extend your stay. Turn a three-day trip into a month-long adventure. You won’t even understand a single neighborhood in a few days, let alone a culture. Allow yourself to be flexible with time constraints.

Work the Money Angle

Try a few different methods of spending money. First, spend like you have all the money in the world, and see what you experience. Then, put yourself on a super harsh budget, and see where you end up. This way you’ll understand how different demographics experience this particular place.



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