5 Travel Destinations for You And Your Pets

Vacation with pets

People love their pets. And people love to travel. You see the problem? It can get very pricey, very fast, to board ol’ Fido in a kennel for a week, while you and the family go on that trip to the Grand Canyon. Lots of pet owners just don’t do things like that anymore. And fortunately for them, it’s easier than ever to travel with animals, especially of the canine variety. Here are five types of places you can easily go with your dog. We’re going to assume North American readership, though many of these can be adapted to the situation in your home country. Or, heck, you could fly your animal overseas to take advantage of these holiday ideas.


  • Camping. The easiest and the most natural consideration is camping. With camping, you control the shelter, so you get to make the rules. No one can tell you not to let your German Shepherd on the bed. If you want to make things a little more interesting, you could always try glamping, which is a souped up version of old school camping, often with cabins, teepees, and someone to clean up all the mess when you’re done. Dogs fit into this scenario perfectly.
  • Dog Friendly Cities. Low-key American cities like Austin and Asheville make it easy to travel with a dog. Just search “coupon hotels.com” to find a pet-friendly hotel in the area, then enjoy all of the breweries, restaurants, and cultural destinations that love it when you show up with a dog.Dogs on the beach
  • The Beach. While not every beach is dog friendly, there are some that are. When you find a good one, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of watching your dog tear along the sand, chasing gulls and balls and what have you. Don’t try to impose your pooch on a beach where he’s not allowed. That’s a good way to get fined.
  • The Mountains. With a dog-friendly hotel and lots of nature nearby to explore, you’ll have plenty of places to roam with your best buddy. If you love hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, and the like, this is the perfect time to bring a dog along, especially one that’s as excited about the outdoors as you are.
  • Festivals. If you love music, art, and/or cultural festivals, bring the dog! Dogs love the hustle and bustle of a trip like this. Just make sure you dog is always hydrated and fed, and that he isn’t getting too much sun. Other than that, this will be the perfect trip to give your dog all the stimulation she needs for a happy day and a sleepy night.


Just because you love to travel doesn’t mean that you can’t have pets, or that you have to put off holidays because you can’t afford the high costs of dog boarding. With these tips you should be able to find some places where you and your dog can traverse the country (or globe) together. Make it happen. You’ll love it, and so will your dog or dogs (or other animals).


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