5 Tips for Traveling on a Tight Student Budget

Learning abroad

Whether you are studying on-campus or taking your masters degree in counseling online, college life often means that you must quickly get used to living on a tight budget. But, if like many students, you also have a lot of travel plans, finding the money to fit these in can be tricky. Read on for our top tips for traveling as much as you can on a tight student budget.

Study Online

One of the main downsides of traveling whilst at university or college is that flights and accommodation often tend to be cheaper during the semester and rise in price during the break. So, switching to an online degree program such as an online masters in counseling from Bradley University could be the ideal alternative for you. E-learning takes away the need to commit to campus-based classes, allowing you to study from home, wherever that is! Additionally, online study is often cheaper than campus-based programs, allowing you to save money on tuition fees and spend it on traveling instead.

Volunteer Abroad

As a student, chances are that you are always looking for some work experience to add to your resume and improve your chances of finding the perfect graduate job once your studies are over. One of the best ways to do this is by volunteering abroad. Around the world, there are thousands of different voluntary positions available, whether you’re helping in a care home or assisting the building of new homes and clean water systems in developing countries. If you’re studying for a healthcare degree, you may find voluntary work options after natural disasters or during wars.

VolunteerTravel at Home or Nearby

The ‘staycation’ is becoming a popular vacation alternative for families on a budget, and if you’re a student who loves to travel, it could also work for you. Whilst at university, you might want to consider exploring different states in the U.S., or perhaps even visiting neighboring countries such as Canada or Mexico, which can easily be reached by car, bus, rail, or even on foot from the U.S., enabling you to save money on flights.

Become a Travel Blogger

If you are a student who loves to travel, becoming a travel blogger could be an awesome way to improve your financial situation and give you more opportunities to see the world. Successful travel bloggers can enjoy a huge range of perks, such as being sent on free trips simply to give their opinions and take photographs!

Travel LightTravel Light

Learning to travel light can save you some significant money as a globe-trotting student. By reducing the number of items you take with you when you travel, you can keep baggage fees to a minimum, allowing you to save more money for memorable experiences once you arrive at your destination. If you study whilst you travel, upgrading your laptop to a lighter model or even using a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard instead will help to keep your luggage weight down.

Traveling on a tight student budget can be difficult, but there are many ways around it! Would you like to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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