5 Must Visit Places for History Students in the US

Independence Hall

Being a student of history requires one to have an innate love for the bygone days, and sometimes, the best way to experience that love is by visiting some of the actual historical sites that you have read and researched so much about during your classes. On that note, here are five places in the United States of America that every history student should visit at least once.

House of Mark Twain in Hartford, Connecticut

If the history of American literature holds any value to you, then you must visit the House of Mark Twain. The local authorities have made sure that everything is just the way the literary genius left it back in the late 1800s. Unknown to many, if you just take the time out to visit next door, you will find yourself in the home of the writer who wrote the highly acclaimed novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

GettysbergGettysburg, Pennsylvania

If you are studying American history and you have not yet visited the spot where the most important battle in the American Civil War took place in-between the Union and the Confederate forces, you need to correct that as soon as possible. This is the place where tens of thousands of soldiers died and the future of the war was more or less decided. If you think about it, the Battle of Gettysburg decided the future of America altogether.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

The Independence Hall is the place where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution itself was written by the American leaders that created the very nation you live in today, so the historic importance of the Independence Hall need not be specified any further.

Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts

These two towns in Boston are where the American Revolution first saw actual military conflict, although guerrilla warfare took precedence over traditional head-on-clashes. There are plenty of battle sites here, the most famous ones being Lexington Green and North Bridge.

Brooklyn BridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Aside from the historical appeal, it’s actually an architectural wonder to see a bridge that was built more than 130 years ago. It is not only intact but actually in everyday use! Alongside being a historical monument, John Roebling’s Brooklyn Bridge is a testament to the fantastic architecture of the 19th century, which also happens to offer a brilliant view of the city’s skyline.

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If you are just plain bored of studying all the time, take a trip to a few of the places we just discussed and your love for history might just be rekindled again.


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