4 Top Safety Tips For Traveling Around Europe

Travel tips

If you’re thinking of traveling around Europe, you will need to be prepared, not only will you need to have your passport and tickets ready, but you’ll also need to keep yourself safe.

Europe is, in general, a very safe place to travel to, but it won’t do you any harm to read a few travel tips that could make you just that little bit safer, whether you’re camping, renting  an RV through Outdoorsy, or hopping from hotel to hotel:

Don’t Wear Expensive Jewelry

No matter how much you love your jewelry, you should consider leaving it at home. Granted you may want to look good while you’re on vacation in Europe, but your jewelry could attract the wrong kinds of people.

Someone may try to take your prize necklace or watch from you, so it’s best that you keep them out of sight. If you are approached by anyone who you think may be trying to steal your belongings, don’t speak to them, instead just walk away.

It’s likely that the individual approaching you is a fellow tourist, or they simply want to ask you the time, but it’s best to play it safe, just in case.

Europe tourismTry Not To Look Like A Tourist

There may have been occasions when you’ve spotted tourists from a mile away. Many tourists tend to wear cameras around their necks, have huge sun hats, and they may even walk around with a map.

Unfortunately, some people like to take advantage of tourists, especially those who seem a little lost. Keep yourself safe by dressing just as you would at home, or in the same type of clothing the locals wear.

You may also want to think about reading your map before you leave your hotel, so you know where you’re going, and how you’re getting there.

Park In A Well-Lit Area

If you do happen to be traveling around Europe by RV or car, make sure you park your vehicle in a well-lit area. Areas such as these typically see fewer crimes, simply because of how well lit they are.

Try to park close to other people, and make use of any parking bays that are close to stores, as you’re likely to be a little safer there.

Additionally, you may also want to think about parking your vehicle on a busy campsite, as they usually have their own security team who patrol the grounds, working to keep you safe while you sleep.

Paris travel tipsAvoid Protests

 From time to time you may come across a protest or two, and while they typically tend to be peaceful, as with protests at home, they can also be quite passionate.

If a protest happens to be taking place near where you’re staying, try to keep away. don’t get caught up in it, just stay out of the way, and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Traveling through Europe can be a wonderful experience. Europe is full of stunning architecture, history, and scenery that has to be seen to be believed.

Even though it’s unlikely that anything will happen to you while you’re away, it doesn’t hurt to try and stay safe. Use the above tips to help you stay that little bit safer, so you can have a vacation to remember.








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