4 Hygienic Travel Tips

Hygenic Travel

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 Many people have a desire to go out and travel the world. This world is beautiful and full of sights everyone should make an effort to see. Though the world is beautiful, it is also germy. It’s common to get sick while traveling because you are exposed to so many new germs. Here are four hygienic tips to help you stay healthy and safe while you travel abroad.

1) Keep Your Hands Clean

This one should be obvious even when you aren’t traveling. Our hands touch a lot of things throughout the day. We pet animals, shake people’s hands, throw away garbage, touch handrails, flush toilets, use cellphones, and touch countless other things. Each of the items we touch transfers bacteria and germs onto our hands, so when we go on to use our hands to rub our eyes or eat food, we spread germs to those areas. Try to consciously touch your face less and wash your hands frequently when you travel. Wash your hands before you eat anything. This will help you control the bacteria that goes in your mouth. You should always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer or a pack of wet wipes. This way if you can’t find a bathroom or place to wash your hands, you’ll at least have some way to stay clean.

2) Dress Smartly

As kids, many of us were told to “Wear a coat or you’ll catch a cold.” This is true. Exposing your body to weather you aren’t dressed for can make your body more susceptible to sicknesses. If you see there’s a chance for rain, bring a rain jacket and umbrella. If the weather is really cold, wear a coat. If the sun is out and it’s super hot, remember to apply sunscreen and drink water. Taking small precautions like this can help you stay healthier and enjoy your vacation more. Another thing to think about is wearing the right shoes. If you are going to be walking around a lot, wear proper walking shoes. Getting blisters can ruin your plans. Consider wearing closed-toe shoes that protect your feet from the germs on the ground. Easternidahofootclinic.com says that walking around barefoot in public places could result in contracting athlete’s foot.

Hydrate3) Hydrate

Stay hydrated. This is another basic health tip you should always be following, but it’s very important while you are traveling. Traveling uses a lot of energy and can be draining and dehydrating. Pay attention to when you are thirsty and help your body out by drinking plenty of water. If you are traveling to other countries, be careful to only drink clean water. Do your research beforehand to find out if the water where you are traveling is safe. If the water is not safe, stick to only drinking bottled water. Follow this rule strictly and avoid consuming any unclean water. Even use your bottled water to wet your toothpaste. Drinking unclean water can make you get sick to your stomach for days and put a damper on your vacation plans.

Eat Healthy4) Eat Healthily

Honestly, part of what I love most about traveling is eating all the different and delicious foods. I’m guilty of not keeping a balanced diet while I travel, but this can really harm your immune system—which while traveling is especially risky. Remember to consume a balanced diet and eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Consider taking vitamins to help keep your body in its best condition. In the long run, it will help you enjoy your vacation more.


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