3 Things You’ll Need To Become a Modern Day Nomad

digital Nomad

If you’re the kind of person that loves adventure and hates routine, chances are you may find yourself sitting at your desk staring at your keyboard dreaming about bigger and better adventures.  Whether you’ve never done much traveling before or you’re eager to do it again, travel has a way of awakening us from the inside out in a profound way.

Living on the road without any routine or appointments holding you back is something a lot of people wish that they could do.  But did you know that a lot of people actually do live like that? Yes, real people, even peoples with families have changed their lifestyle so that they’re constantly changing places and scenery.

If this has your ears perked and you’re interested to know more, here is what you’ll need before you quit your day job.

A Dependable Car

Since you’ll be planning on always being on the move, and this is the modern age, you’re probably going to want to consider a car over walking.  Since the last thing that you want to have to be worrying about is your car breaking down on your travels, it’s important to have a sturdy car which won’t cause you stress on the road.

If you already have a car, but it’s not quite reliable, then you’ll want to sell your car and put the money towards a new one that you can trust won’t let you down.

source of incomeAs a general rule of thumb, your car should be gas efficient and have no major impending issues like a timing belt that will need to be replaced soon, or unreliable brakes.  Get your car to a mechanic that you trust and make sure that you get the green light that your car is in good health before you take off.

A Source Of Income

If you’re going to live life on the road then you should have a source of money to pay for your necessities along the way. You should either have a hefty amount of savings or have some kind of skill that you can make money off of as you go.

A Bed In The Back of The Car

If your budget allows for staying in a hotel every night, then go for it.  However, for those people who constrained by budgets, you’ll probably want to sleep in your car.

camper vanClearing out a space in the back which is comfortable and as spacious as possible will make all the difference.  You won’t want to sleep sitting up after a few days.

A Plan

Having a plan of where you want to go and how you’ll get there is important.  Otherwise, you’ll just find yourself going in circles.

Familiarize yourself with maps and destinations and start your route.



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