Exploring Beautiful Fernando de Noronha

Noronha Brasil

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is located approximately two hundred nautical miles west of the Brazilian coast and is considered by many (including Sir Charles Darwin himself) to be one of the last slices of heaven on earth. Comprised of twenty-one individual islands, Fernando de Noronha boasts a balmy climate, friendly residents and pristine beaches. When visiting any such area, possessing annual travelling insurance policy is an excellent way to keep prepared for any unexpected events. However, it is just as important to take a look at some of the amenities that this tropical paradise has to offer.

Natural Splendour

It is impossible to miss the unforgettable beauty to be witnessed on this group of islands. No less than thirty percent of the entire area is designated for the delight of the tourist. Particularly known for the spinner dolphins which frequent the local waters, these islands are also home to tracts of unadulterated wilderness that can be enjoyed on foot or with the use of local bike hire services. Be certain not to miss aquatic activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling around local shipwrecks or within the confines of Pig’s Bay.

Fernando de Noronha BrasilCerulean Blue Waters

It is always prudent to mention the beaches that embrace this island. Three of these are considered to be amongst the top ten within all of Brazil. Besides the previously mentioned Pig’s Bay, be certain to frequent Sancho and Atalaia. While there may not be amenities such as luxury hotels or beach bars present, the lack of these modern facilities enables the nearby cerulean blue waters to appear even more enticing. Due to a location quite close to the equator, you will be able to visit Fernando de Noronha throughout the year. Even the winters here are balmy and inviting.

A Timeless Feel

There are numerous natural sights to experience here and these should always be enjoyed. However, it is likely that you are also searching for a taste of local culture. As opposed to the larger cities found on the Brazilian mainland, the capital of Vila los Remedios (aptly translated to Remedy Village in English) will offer you a sense of tranquility and hospitality. Besides providing some excellent local cuisine, the cobblestone streets and old churches are a looking glass into a culture which has not changed for centuries. Whether you are a fan of Brazilian history or you merely enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation, be sure to spend time in Vila los Remedios.

By planning ahead and appreciating the main sights of this amazing island, any upcoming trip will be as relaxing and fulfilling as the environment of Fernando de Noronha itself.


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