What To Do When You Fall In Love While Traveling


You can’t always control who you fall in love with.  Love is one of those wild beasts that just can’t be tamed no matter how much you might want to try to control it.  Sometimes despite the odds and despite the lack of convenience, we can find ourselves in love with someone who lives in another part of the world who we meet while traveling.

Although it can most certainly be a huge challenge to make it work, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it happen.  With enough effort from both of your ends and an understanding about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making a relationship work long distance, you can definitely find a long lasting love with someone outside of your city limits.

Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen.

Beach HeartDevelop a Plan

If you have met someone that lives in the same country as you, it can be fairly easy to develop a plan.  The obvious assumption is that eventually one of you will relocate for the other and you can start your life together after a period of time.  However, if you meet someone who lives in another country, this can prove to be a bit more of a challenge.  When you need to apply for visas to be able to see each other, or jump through any other kinds of immigration hoops, this can add some extra things to stress about.

However, as long as you have a plan of what you want to happen in the big picture, then with enough diligence and organization there’s no reason why it won’t happen. Keep the conversation active about what you want to see happen in the long run and it will eventually happen as long as you both want it enough.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

In the old days if you had a long distance relationship you had to send letters by hand and maybe have a phone call once a week that would cost you a pretty penny.  However, now, with the advancement of video technology you can not only talk to each other throughout the day, but you can see each other.

Make sure to take advantage of all of the tools out there to make it so you are as close as possible to the real thing of actually being together in the same place.

Make an effort to arrange your schedules to allow time for several calls a week and you will have much better success keeping the romance alive.

HeartDon’t Let Insecurities Take Over

It can be easy to let insecurities take over when the other person is so far away.  However, distrust is one of the biggest killers of love and you shouldn’t let it affect your relationship.

Try to distract your mind if you start to feel uneasy thoughts creeping in.




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  1. Pooja says:

    I fall in love. I know What I do. Thanks for the tips..

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