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3 Places to Travel Before Settling Down


Choosing a home can be one of the most difficult decisions you ever face. The number of elements at play in this decision can wreak havoc on even the most decisive. You are not only facing your personal multitude of

4 Tips for Avoiding Legal Troubles While Traveling

“Legal” and “trouble” are two words most people never want to combine in a sentence. Problems with the police can be harrying enough when you are in your hometown, but what about when you are traveling and don’t speak the

Eat Right, Hike Right: Have a Healthy Diet on the Trail


Whether you’re on a day hike, or have a thru hike in the works, you’ll need food that keeps you energized for the miles ahead. Energy bars and formulas are great, but nothing beats a full and proper meal while

See the World with these Unique Modes of Transportation


Who says that people have to travel by plane, train or automobile? These may be the modern modes of travel, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best or the most fun. People have been traveling by different means for

How to Find a Vacation Destination Your Kids Will Love


Planning a vacation can be hard enough if you are unsure of where you want to go for your next trip or you are on a pretty tight budget and your options are limited as a result. But if you

Considering Permanent Moves To Previous Tourist Destinations


Sometimes if you’ve been to a location on a vacation, you just fall in love with it. You might decide to go back there every time you get the opportunity. And then, there is one step further – you might

5 Guidelines When Travelling with Your Friends

Travel with friends

Travelling can be so much fun especially when you are travelling with your best and closest friends. However, during these days when you are stuck with each other and far away from home, you will also start to discover things

5 Tips For Getting Health Help When Traveling

Health Tips

Traveling as a tourist can be an amazing, life changing experience – but depending on your destination, there can be a few risks as well, especially regarding health issues. If you travel somewhere exotic, for instance, there are different weather

How to Find the Perfect Place to Buy or Build Your Home

Country Home

Finding a place to buy or build your dream home can be very stressful. Sometimes there just isn’t a lot out there for the budget you have and the place you’re looking. This is when you have to be a

Destination Musts When Road Tripping Through North America

Road trips. You love them, or you hate them. If you hate them, you probably have just had a lack of good experiences. Perhaps you were forced into the back of a van with your 7 brothers and sisters while