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Molar City: Dental Tourism for the US

molar city dentist

Giving the rising dental prices in the US and the fact that over a hundred million people lack adequate dental insurance coverage, a lot of people in the country ask how much are dentists in Molar City? Los Algodones, also

Prepare For Takeoff With These Flight-Buying Tips


Flying is easily the most convenient method of travelling from one country to another one. It’s less hassle than getting a train and is often a lot quicker too. Don’t even get me started on travelling by boat, that’s an

The Sights of New York From a Luxury Limo:

New York

I had never had a limo ride until a recent business trip to LA. My time was tight in the city, so I had Helen (my secretary) book a limo from limos at your service. The day went off without

Ticks all the Boxes: Finding the Right Hotel for Your Needs

Finding a great hotel

Finding and booking a hotel has never been easier. These days, you can book a stay in a hotel anywhere in the world online in a matter of minutes. But finding the right hotel is not always so easy. There

Maintain Your Keto Diet on Your Los Angeles Vacation

Keto Diet LA

The ketogenic diet has become popular over the years. This popularity is due to the major success that people have achieved and I am one of them. I had lost a considerable amount of weight and, it changed my life.

Checklist for Winterizing Your Boat

winterize your houseboat

As the leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and that means it’s time to take care of your boat for the winter. Whether you have a house boat or a sail boat, you’ll want to consider this checklist if

How to Travel Well on a Budget

Travvel well

Traveling is at the top of most people’s bucket lists, and we all dream of where we’d go if we won the lottery or got our dream job. Whether you want to go abroad or love the comfort of your


Niagra falls New York

Adventurous as we had always been, we had the whole summer ahead of us and we wanted to do something special. I wanted the bond between my girlfriend and I to grow and fill the gap left by the loss

How my Atlanta trip turned out great despite having an injured foot

Atlanta Skyline

During my recent trip through the U.S. I had planned a stop in Atlanta, Georgia. I was really excited beforehand and had my traveler’s backpack (which was already stuffed with too many souvenirs from New York) shouldered as I grabbed

How to Plan the Ultimate Vacation with Friends


A group holiday can often make or break a friendship. If you want to develop a stronger bond while creating many wonderful memories, you’ll need to plan for a vacation. To do so, check out our helpful advice on how