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Three Reasons To Visit France This Year

French Art

There are many great reasons to visit other countries, from expending a different culture to learning about a different way of living all together. You get the chance to try immersion, by just going and learning what you can. Even

Traveling To Follow the Story Of a Political Climate


If you’re currently in a position to do a bit of traveling on a whim, perhaps for vacation, or maybe you just have the time, money, and inclination, there’s the possibility that you may want to head to where the

Head to Easter Island for an Archaeology Adventure

Easter Island

Everyone is familiar with the great stone statues of Easter Island. However, there’s more to this place than just the Moai (the statues). If you’re looking for a unique adventure, and one that not many people have personally been on,

Ingenious Ways to Get Your Workouts in While Traveling


Working out is not usually a thing that sits high on the priority list for those who travel. When you spend a substantial amount of money and you’re in a place you’ve never been before, you want to maximize the

A Caravan And A Barbeque

Beautiful Countryside

The free spirit in me kept banging on the door. It wanted to be let out. I can’t blame it. I hadn’t been out of my house for the past month. The occasional trip to the grocery store and to

Things You Don’t Want to Be Without When Preparing to Visit a New City

New City

When you’re preparing to go on a trip, there are a lot of things that are crossing your mind. You might be thinking about the fact that you have to drop off the dog at the sitters, set the alarm,

Design Your Dream Vacation From the Inside Out

4 star hotel

When it comes to a dream vacation, lots of people get visions in their heads about beaches, surfing, skiing, boats, sun, weather, etc., etc. But, when you think about things from a slightly more rational point of view, consider how

Architectural Adventures: A Tour Of Amazing San Francisco Buildings

San Francisco

Whether you’re the kind of traveler who seeks out the great architecture of every city or a casual traveler seeking inspiration for your own home projects, San Francisco has much to offer when it comes to buildings of historic design

How to Take Travel Pictures that Look Pro on a Phone

Professional pics with a phone

In any situation in life, the camera you have on your smartphone can usually do the trick. How great of resolution do you really need when taking a selfie from arms length away? For many other applications, the features offered

Advantage To Travel With All Inclusive

All-Inclusive holiday concept is established in 1950 by Belgian water polo player Gerard Blitz, which is now days one of the best ways of vacationing. This holiday concept offers packages for all kind of holiday makers, from family with kids,