The Sights of New York From a Luxury Limo:

New York
I had never had a limo ride until a recent business trip to LA. My time was tight in the city, so I had Helen (my secretary) book a limo from limos at your service. The day went off without a hitch. The driver picked me up from LAX, and was able to get me through a tight schedule, and get me to all of my meetings on time, then back to the airport where I caught the last flight home.
  Recently I had planned a sight-seeing tour of New York City with my friends, and I was so pleased to find out that ‘Limos at your service’, also services New York. So I had Helen book an 8 passenger j-seat Lincoln limo limousine. The limos were absolute luxury cars, and to sit in one was an experience on its own. However, to combine that experience with leisure activities made it a truly stunning experience.
The limo had all the modern day facilities to indulge our senses in. The ceiling was full of lighting that enhanced the ambience. It had flat screen televisions, stereo music system and bottles of champagne. The driver was a nice chap, who made sure we enjoyed our trip by taking the best routes, and knowing the ins and outs of the city.
Times SquareWe were picked up at the airport at around 4:30 in the afternoon. Our first stop on the trip was New York’s famous Time Square. Time Square is famous for its massive billboards and bright lighting. It is at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and the square is a major attraction for tourist as well as acts as a crossing of diverse cultures and ethnicities. I discovered why it is popularly known as the Crossroads of the World. We saw the worlds huge 37 ft high NASDAQ sign from the window of our Limo. There was no need to go out of the limo to see this one.
Going past Time Square, we took the Brooklyn Bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge is a historic monument opened to the public in 1883, after years of construction and many deaths. It’s a masterpiece of modern engineering that is free for people to walk across and experience the feel of New York City first-hand. While there, we took a stroll on the elevated pedestrian path and felt the cool breeze on our face. The bridge also gives a stunning view of the Manhattan skyscrapers skyline.
Brooklyn bridgeNext in line was the Statue of Liberty that again we successfully viewed from the windows of our limo. The torch of the lady rises about 300 ft above the ground. We took some memorable photographs as a reminder of this amazing trip.
 After feasting on some delectable Western food, we took our limo and headed towards Empire State Building. The building is 1000 ft above the streets and it’s a National Historic Landmark. It is the most famous office building in the world and the great thing about Empire State is that it give us a clear birds-eye view from the top; of at least five remarkable places in New York (Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, East River and the Hudson).
We could not miss a chance to visit the theater district. The place is famous for world class theatrical performances and Broadway shows. It has amazing theaters that to suit the mood of everyone. The theatrical performances range from musicals to comedies, drama, and romance.
theater district New York
With this, our sight-seeing tour came to an end. We enjoyed our one-day trip and cherished every moment of it. The limo driver did a spectacular job of hosting our trip. They were professional and made sure we were safe and had a great time. Driving in a limo with a dedicated driver not only allowed us to enjoy our sight-seeing but, they did a great job planning our route to make the trip efficient and hassle free.

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