Prepare For Takeoff With These Flight-Buying Tips


Flying is easily the most convenient method of travelling from one country to another one. It’s less hassle than getting a train and is often a lot quicker too. Don’t even get me started on travelling by boat, that’s an experience you don’t want to endure!

If you want to fly somewhere, then preparation is key. Make the wrong decisions while buying your flights and you could end up feeling uncomfortable for a few hours while paying way more than you needed. So, here are a few flight-buying tips for you to enjoy:

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Book As Early As Possible

With regards to booking your flights, it’s a case of the sooner, the better. Flights get released at certain times, catch them when they’ve just gone out, and you can snag a real bargain. But, if you wait until the last minute, you could end up paying well over double or triple the price for the exact same flight. When booking your holiday, it’s best to start with the flights and start early. The other benefit of this is that you’re more likely to get a seat that’s not absolutely awful and starved of any legroom.

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Book Your Seats

Some airlines might let you book seats for free, while most of them make you pay extra. Personally, I always pay extra for peace of mind. This way, I know where I’m sitting, and I can choose the best seat for me. If you want a window seat, you can book one. If you want an aisle seat for quick access to the toilet, book that instead. Or, if you’re a freak and enjoy sitting in the middle, that’s always an option too. Plus, booking seats lets you sit your family together, which is great if you have kids.

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Research The Planes

Different airlines will have different planes with different features. It’s worth doing a bit of research to know what you’re paying for. You might find two flights that are relatively similar prices with one a tad cheaper than the other. However, the more expensive one might be with an airline that provides way more value for money. They could have TV’s in the seats, a constant food service, more legroom, etc. Always check the plane features, particularly if you’re going on a long-distance flight.

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Check For Additional Fees

Finally, you need to check for additional fees that get added onto the overall price. The main one I can think off is a fee for people paying by credit card. Quite a lot of airlines have this fee so it might be worth using your debit card to save a little bit of money. Then again, you get points with your credit card so it might work out better for you. Just check for additional fees to ensure you know the full price before booking!

Okay, now you’re ready to book your flights and go travelling. Hopefully, you should find a flight that represents great value for money, while providing you with all the extra comfort features you need for a happy journey.


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