Molar City: Dental Tourism for the US

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Giving the rising dental prices in the US and the fact that over a hundred million people lack adequate dental insurance coverage, a lot of people in the country ask how much are dentists in Molar City? Los Algodones, also called Molar City and known as the dental capital of the world, is one of the biggest dental tourism destination for the US.

An Ideal Location for People in the US

The northernmost city in Mexico, Los Algodones is only seven miles west of Yuma, near California and Arizona’s south borders. More than 900 brilliant dentists work at 300 clinics across Molar City. The town has more dentists per capita than any other city in the world.

Its ideal location makes it a wildly popular dental destination for people in the US. People living in nearby towns on the US side of the border in particular can reach Algodones fairly quickly. In any case, a growing number of people from across the US head to Molar City for dental tourism, finding top-notch care at a much lower price.

Sani Dental and Simply Dental are perfect examples of the kind of first-rate clinics that you can easily find in Molar City.

molar city smileAll-on-Four in Los Algodones

All-on-4 is an amazing way to replace your missing teeth with excellent functionality. It’s also one of the most expensive dental procedures. If you need this you’re probably looking for an affordable alternative. So, uou can travel to Algodones and save a fortune by getting the procedure there:

Price of All-on-four in the US: USD $34,417

Price of All-on-four in Los Algodones:USD $9,817

So you can save around USD $24,600.

Dental Implants in Molar City

Dental implants are a popular way to deal with missing teeth. You get natural-looking teeth and with time the implant fuses with your jawbone, making them stronger. At Molar City you can get an implant for almost a quarter of the price your local dentist would charge you:

Price of Dental Implants in the US: USD $3,913

Price of Dental Implants in Molar City:USD $1,250

This means you save around USD $2,600 per implant.

Get US-Quality Care

Now that you know how much are dentists in Molar City, you might be wondering about the quality of the dental services. Just because you’re saving a ton of money on a dental procedure, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

Thankfully, the best clinics in Molar City (there are a lot of them) realize the importance of offering US-quality dental services. And thanks to the lower operating costs in Mexico, they can keep prices low while offering an exceptional quality of dental services.

Not many people will risk their health just to save money, and they shouldn’t. In addition to knowing how much are dentists in Molar City, you need to know which one you’re most comfortable with visiting. So go ahead and contact the top two clinics mentioned above and get a consultation.


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