4 Tips for Avoiding Legal Troubles While Traveling

“Legal” and “trouble” are two words most people never want to combine in a sentence. Problems with the police can be harrying enough when you are in your hometown, but what about when you are traveling and don’t speak the language? While most globetrotters never face any legal trouble, there are necessary precautions to avoid sticky situations. Included here are a few tips to help you avoid legal trouble while you are traveling.

Know Your Nation

In many instances, trouble with local law enforcement can be avoided by choosing carefully which countries to visit. For instance, travel to Cuba, East Africa, Northern Mexico and the Middle East is currently unadvisable, due to a cutback in American presence. Fortunately, the United States government provides ample information with travel alerts, so you know what health and safety risks you are facing with certain travel destinations.

Learn The Law

While it can be difficult to understand all of the legal jargon used in a foreign language, it is important for your safety. Some countries have unusually severe penalties for infractions that are considered minor in the U.S. In India, the legal drinking age varies from 18-25 depending on what you are sipping, violating this law could result in a severe punishment.

In the UAE, something as simple as kissing your significant other could get you placed behind bars or even expelled from the country. Practicing forbidden religious ceremonies in China could result in serious consequences; while some over the counter medicines, like Sudafed, could get you expelled from Japan.

cultureBe Cultured

For many people, avoiding legal problems or confrontation in another country is a matter as simple as research. While understanding foreign language is important before travel, it is just as important that you understand the cultural differences between your destination and home. Freedoms that are taken for granted in the United States could be remarkably offensive when you travel abroad.

Know Who To Call

In the event of detainment by local law enforcement, it is key that you understand how to make your phone calls count. You should have the number of the local American embassy readily available in the event you are taken in by government officials. Also know where the embassy is located geographically before traveling to a locale.

The U.S. embassy will should be able to provide you with lawyers and other legal help, but they cannot give you direct legal advice. This is why it is important to become affiliated with a traveling agency that can provide you with 24/7 legal advice. Some companies offer plans so you can have peace of mind while you are away from home.



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