3 Reasons A Hammock is a Must-Have Camping Item

Hammock wilderness

Heading out into the wilderness for the weekend is many Americans’ idea of a great time. Distancing yourself from cell phones, technology, and modern society can be just the way to reconnect with nature and connect with friends and family. Many people believe that modern conveniences are actually keeping them separated from family, instead of united.

While it is wise to leave your phones and dvd players at home, there are a few modern comforts that are necessary when you head into the wilderness. For example, sleeping gear, like tents, sleeping bags, and hammocks, can turn your weekend trip into a relaxation experience. Included here are a few reasons why hammocks are a must-have camping item for your next trip.


For many people, the main benefit of hammock camping is the ease of transportation and setup. Many hammocks fit into a small stuff sack, especially those designed by Eno, and weigh less than a couple pounds. Unfortunately, if you are headed into a cold environment or risk rain, you must plan for those things and pack a hammock quilted wrap and a rainfly.

Tents may take up slightly more space in your backpacks, but they do allow for several people to sleep in one space, as well as offer guaranteed coverage from rain or bugs. Because you sleep on the ground in a tent, you will be warmer, as the air is not flowing both above and beneath you, like in a hammock.

relaxed hammockEase of Setup

Many weekend warriors find themselves embarking on a camping trip after work on Fridays. This can mean a significant drive to your destination, as well as camp setup, even though you are already tired from a full work day. To ease the load when you arrive, a hammock is a quick set up, that typically involves securing two straps to two trees and attaching the hammock.

Be sure to check that the trees you attach to are living and strong to prevent a fall in the middle of the night. Additionally, they must be the right distance apart to keep your hammock flat and level for sleeping. In most cases, utilizing slap straps means a simple wrap around the tree with carabiner hook ups. When night falls, you can nestle into your hammock cocoon and enjoy an uninhibited view of the night sky.

Comfortably Cool

For most summer campers, getting overheated comes with the territory. One primary benefit of hammocks is that they can keep you far cooler than a typical tent sleeping situation would. Most hammocks are constructed of a thin, lightweight polyester material that is incredibly strong, yet breathable. With airflow above and below you, summer camping has never been cooler, or more comfortable!



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