Why Choose Vacation Rentals?

Why choose vacation rentalsPhoto by STIL on Unsplash

Planning a vacation is no simple feat. Typically, you’ll end up finding a place you want to go, you’ll set up a budget, find things you want to see and research new foods to try, you’ll work out the travel details, and you’ll have to find a place to stay. Hotels are the standard stay when traveling, but maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Whether you are traveling to somewhere new or visiting a well-loved place, consider trying a vacation rental for your stay.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of staying in a vacation rental is that you have more options. Instead of staying in the standard two-bedroom, cramped hotel room, or even splurging for a suite, you can have your choice to different homes and types of stays. Some vacation rentals offer the entire home, while others only rent out a room or a part of the house. Homes are a popular vacation rental type, though there are also plenty of other options to stay in, like a cottage, yurt, tiny-house, or bungalow. There are even cabin vacation rentals in Teton Valley, Idaho to stay in. These different types of locations can become a memorable part of your vacation.


Hotels aren’t notoriously cheap and there are many affordable rental options, depending on the experience you want and the budget you are willing to spend. However, even if you decide to splurge on a vacation rental, it still creates ways to save money. Many vacation rentals have kitchens where you can cook your meals. Making breakfast at your home away from home during your vacation can help you save money from constantly eating at restaurants.


Vacation rentals have their similarities with hotels, but one of the largest areas in which they differ is privacy. You won’t hear your neighbor coming and going through your thin wall, nor will you hear the people above you stomping around. Even skipping the lobby scene can help you feel secluded and peaceful.


Usually, paying for comfort comes at a high price, but when you stay at a vacation rental, it is designed to feel like home. Homey feels are achieved with more space, familiar appliances, and fun amenities. Oftentimes, vacation rentals have more space than a hotel room which allows you to spread out and have enough space to unpack and settle in. However, this all depends on the type of rental you choose.


WiFi, television, and DVD players are amenities you may not think about until they are unavailable. Depending on the rental you stay in, you may find yourself surrounded by movies, games, television, and free wifi. While we don’t recommend you stay inside for the entirety of your vacation, it can be nice to have a home-base to wind down at–especially when it comes with free WiFi.

Planning where you’ll stay can be a stressful part of a vacation, but it doesn’t need to be. Vacation rentals simplify your stay by offering you more options, locations, and prices than typical hotels. So, the next time you are planning a weekend getaway, try a rental.


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