The Essence Of Balinese Beaches

Bali Palms

Every adventure holds the promise of wonder at what one might find. The promise of this magic will lead every adventure on a search trip around the world. Bali Island is an excellent destination wick not only promises a splendid stay but also endeavor to fulfill this very promise. The culture, the hospitality and the scenery offered on this island really earns its name “island of gods”. The iconic white and black sandy beaches with secret hideaways for the perfect romantic spots are one of the charming aspects of this island. The beach resorts studding the island will ensure that the stay is exceptionally pleasurable as you sample the best of what Bali has to offer.

Bali BeachBali’s lodgings

The beaches of Bali have an array of beach resorts for a guest to stay. Bali beach resorts blend the finest cocktail of their own signatures sprinkled with the soul dust of Bali to create a graceful experienceof the island. Ayana’s resort and spa in Bali has perfected their cocktail, which in combination with Bali’s essence they will provide the magic any traveler, looking for a luxurious experience, seeks. The combination of Bali’s architecture and art with a more contemporary kind the resort provides the ambiance only exclusive to Bali. The landscaped gardens and oceanfront view as the resort overlooks the Jim baran bay is one to behold.

Beautiful BaliA fine blend of spa treatments

While on vacationing this magical island, a traveler might want to wonder into one of the spa center to get an unforgettable spa treatment. The spa treatment in Bali uses a fusion of spa treatment techniques exclusive in Bali. Spa on the Rocks is one of the marvels the Bali fusion offers. With the ocean breeze washing over your body, the various spa treatments administered heal the mind and soul. Some Bali beach resorts in will seek to mix this unique form with their own signatures to enrich the spa treatment. One such treatment is the Hot Shells and 7 Chakra Dhara treatments offered in Ayana beach resort’s spa complex. These techniques fuse the Bali essence and create a treatment regime that reconnects to the divine feminine nature or undertake a journey the clean your spiritual energies (chakra).

About Balinese delicacies

One cannot talk of Bali and simply leave out the food. The cultural diversity of Bali Island enables it to create concoctions of delightful dishes for anyone who cares to sample them. The rich menu of Bali cuisine that will be sure to render a person lost for choice. Traditional Balinese dishes include the Babiguling which is a barbecued suckling pig seasoned with Balinese spices. In nineteen of the restaurants and bars offered by Ayana resort and spa, the Balinese culture is apparent in the menus as well as the architectural bearings. Among the top restaurants are Dava steak and seafood grill,Kampoeng Bali and the Rock bar, which will offer a delightful Bali cuisine and refreshments.

Bali SunriseThe experiences at BaliIsland

Anyone who leaves for Bali accents that the experience on this island is like none other. Where would we start in describing the dream island stay… well the beaches, white sands the open ocean stretched up to the horizon is the true definition of freedom and release. The romantics will delight in the fact the beach also offers many private spots to swim and share a candid moment. The cabanas and romantic seafront dining sets will also ensure you spend the rest of your days remembering this island. The cultures of Bali ensure that you can engage in a selection of recreational activities. At Ayana, all this Balinese experience coupled with their vast stack of facilities and complimentary services ensures you enjoy the vacation entirely.


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