Packing Essentials For Your Next Road Trip

Packing Essentials


There’s nothing like the freedom of a road trip. Be it alone or with friends and family, you have the open road ahead of you, and a world of adventure awaits. Strap yourself in and head out on your voyage of discovery. Who knows what you might find around the next bend? Whether you are heading out in your own car or a rental, or taking that traditional family RV camping trip, you are sure to have a brilliant time. However…

Despite the thrills and excitement that a road trip can offer you, your journey can quickly head south (not literally) if you haven’t packed your vehicle with the essentials. Adventure awaits, but so does disaster if you leave something vital at home, and when you’re in the middle of goodness knows where you could find yourself in difficulty. Therefore, remember to pack the following before your car or RV leaves the driveway.

Maintenance Essentials

You should check your vehicle before you leave home anyway – it does have to be roadworthy – but even if everything seems normal, you still need a few things with you on your journey. These include:

A spare tire – You never know when you might get a puncture, so be prepared!

An emergency car kit – From jumper cables to a flare gun, these are the essentials you need.

Your licence and registration. We hope the police don’t pull you over, but they will be asking for these if you do.

Your owner’s manual. Got strange lights flashing on your dashboard? Is something making a beeping sound? Your manual will be invaluable if you need to check on something, as you may need to consider the next point.

Your phone. You will need the number for roadside assistance should your car break down or give you cause for concern. You might also need the number of an accident attorney for legal advice, such as Gray and White Law, should the unthinkable happen when you’re out on the road.

Fluids. You’re not the only one who needs to stay hydrated! Your car will need water if it overheats, and to make sure everything works as it should, don’t forget those other essential fluids, such as oil, brake fluid, and wiper washer fluid.

Phone Essentials

We have already mentioned the need for your phone above, but there are other ways it can prove invaluable.

Your phone charger. You’re going to be stuck without your phone, especially in an emergency, so this is one item you don’t want to be without.

Hands-free kit. Safe driving is a must, so don’t be tempted to pick up the phone will driving. If you get a call or should you need to make a call while driving, a hands-free kit is imperative. You would only be breaking the law otherwise.

Apps. There are road trip apps for nearly everything. Games for the kids? Check. Nearest gas stations? Check. Route planner? Check. Camping grounds for the RV? Check. Your phone can help you with most aspects of your road trip, so download everything you need before you go.


Don’t leave home without any of the following.

Food and drink. Don’t pay expensive gas station prices, bring your own refreshments!

Air freshener and deodorant. On a hot day, both you and your car will get a little whiffy, so bring these along to defeat any bad smells.

Music Play ListYour music playlist. You will need something to keep you entertained on your journey, especially during those dull stretches, so stockpile your CD’s or download something onto your phone, and sing along to your favorite tunes.


Don’t get caught out on your journey. With the essentials to hand, your road trip will be a safer and better experience. Let us know what you think, and if we have forgotten to add something to this list, be sure to send us a reminder!

Thanks for reading.


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