Five Options For Places To Stay On Vacation

Vacation Ideas

When you go on a vacation, where you stay can greatly depend on where you are going, what you are doing while you are there, and how long you are staying. If you are going on a work vacation that may keep you away for a while, you aren’t going to want to camp out. And, if you are just spending a weekend away you aren’t going to want to lease an apartment.

Stay In A Hotel/Motel

Road trips and vacations of all kinds can find you staying in hotels or motels, depending on where your trip takes you and how much money you want to spend on a room. If you are on the road, it’s late at night, and you need to get a room, your choices are going to be limited to what is where you are.

However, your destination stay could take you to a small motel with old rabbit ear televisions, or it could take you to a five star hotel with a pool on the roof. It’s just a matter of money and how enjoyable you want your vacation stay to be.

Bed And Breakfast

You could stay at a bed and breakfast if you are on a romantic holiday. It’s a more quaint stay. You get a nice room to sleep in, often with a theme, and some breakfast in the morning.

You could even find a haunted bed and breakfast if you like being scared, or enjoy paranormal history. There are definitely plenty of them out there.

MotorhomeGo Camping Or Glamping

You could camp out, if your vacation is more of an adventure. There are many ways to go camping, from renting a cabin, staying in a tent, to taking an RV on the road. A new trend in luxury camping is glamping, which is camping in an RV, but doing it a glamorous way rather than rugged.

Rent An Apartment

If your stay will be extended, like a business related vacation where you may be elsewhere for a month or two for training, you may want to lease an apartment that is available month by month. Usually you’ll pay a little more for the place for a shorter lease, but many rentals are happy to help someone in need of a place for a short stay.

Rent A House

If an apartment is too small or cramped, but you still want the amenities it offers over a general hotel room, you may want to find a house to rent month by month. You can rent for less with things like AirBNB as well. You could find a cool pad for a few days or a few weeks.


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