Fancy a Dip? Nine Incredible Pools You Won’t Believe Exist

Sanctuary Retreats, Tanzania

Fancy a Dip? Nine Incredible Pools You Won’t Believe Exist

We all love nothing better than a cooling summer dip in crystal clear waters. Right? The team at Pump Sales Direct share their favourite pools that are so scarily awesome, you won’t believe they exist:


  1. Sanctuary Retreats, Tanzania

If infinity pools are your thing, then this one is an absolute stunner. You can sip a cocktail as you lounge in its deep blue waters, watching elephants and big cats at the nearby watering hole. Big cats? Maybe this pool is more dangerous than it looks.


  1. Holiday Inn Shanghai, Pudong KangquioHoliday Inn Shanghai, Pudong Kangquio

This sky high pool on the 24th floor has a glass bottom so you can watch the jumbo jets come in to land and show off your bikini to the passersby 300 feet below. Better make sure that new swimsuit has a built in parachute.


  1. The Devil’s Pool, Victoria FallsThe Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

This is the infinity pool to end them all. A natural pool perched right on the very edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia, the view across the largest waterfall in the world is to die for. Did we say to die for? Only usable when the water levels drops and with nothing but a submerged rock wall between you and 100m of raging water, yes we did.


  1. Red Pool at the Library Resort, ThailandRed Pool at the Library Resort, Thailand

Ah, Thailand – that paradise of pure white sandy beaches, leafy green palm trees and blood red pools. Sorry, blood red pools? The Library Resort’s pool, looking out over the ocean, has been rated one of the most spectacular in the world by Trip Advisor. Lined with thousands of deep orange and dark red mosaics it’s certainly spectacular – but a bit too much like swimming in a tub of shark bait for our liking.


  1. Nemo 33, BrusselsNemo 33, Brussels

At 34m deep, this is the deepest indoor dive site in the world, and with underwater caves to explore it’s a diver’s paradise. Great if you’re handy with scuba gear, not so great if you have a fear of confined spaces and only packed your water wings.


  1. Marina Sands Resort, Singapore Marina Sands Resort, Singapore

You’ll need a head for heights for this one. This stunning 150m infinity pool is perched a dizzying 55 storeys above street level in Singapore, with incredible views out over the city. It’s absolutely amazing, but a very scary thing – best avoided if you suffer from vertigo.


  1. Golden Nugget, Las VegasGolden Nugget, Las Vegas

Is diving with sharks on your bucket list? How about diving through sharks? This enclosed water slide shoots straight through the middle of a shark tank. This one of a kind pool wraps right around the tank and is fun for all the family and perfectly safe. Allegedly.


  1. Crocosauras Cove, Darwin, AustraliaCrocosauras Cove, Darwin, Australia

They are possibly the most terrifying reptiles on earth, but at Darwin’s Crocosauras Cove they just love to get you up close and personal with these 5m + monsters. Jump into the Cage of Death and be suspended over a tankful of the critters before they plunge you right in. You can go alone or with a friend – we at Pump Sales Direct would rather not go at all.


  1. Sky Condos, PeruSky Condos, Peru

These sky high apartments feature free floating pools that seem to hover in mid-air. Perched high above the capital city of Lima, these pools are incredibly cool until you remember that Peru lies in a pretty serious earthquake zone.


Which ones would you dare?





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