5 Tips to Keep Your Diesel Running This Winter

Super truck Diesel

Winter is coming, and if you live in up north, you know that it can get cold. So, to prevent the cold weather from hitting you too hard this winter, our friends at Diesel Tech Magazine came up with this list of ways to keep your diesel running smoothly for your next trip.


All diesel owners know that the battery life of your vehicle tends to drop off in the colder months. You’ll want to check the battery and conserve battery life where possible. Have the battery load tested to keep the oil smooth and prevent your vehicle from giving out. To conserve battery life, turn off the accessories when you aren’t driving to keep your vehicle running well when you do need it.

Fluid Transfusion

Thinner oils flow through your engine better in the winter, so before it really starts to freeze, switch your oils to synthetics. This means your engine power steering, transmission, differential, and transfer case. While you’re at it, check your coolant to be sure the thermostat and heater core are working well too.

Super truck DieselHydraulic Checks

Check your brakes before the ice hits. The last thing you need to is hit a sheet of black ice to discover your breaks are faulty. Change your break fluid to get the air, dirt, and moisture out of the system to help your cylinders and calipers last longer. Do a check the first time it snows to – go into a controlled skid to make sure the breaks are giving the right amount of pressure to the front and rear tires.

Warm Up

Before heading out each morning, let your truck warm up to get the fluids running through it well, especially the power steering so you can avoid a burst. Warming up will help improve your diesel performance and prevent other problems that come with the less than ideal temperatures. Keeping your truck in a sheltered area will help keep it from getting too cold and improve your warm up times too.

New Tires

If you’re planning and doing a lot of snow driving, it might be the time to switch from the mud tires to some snow tires. Snow tires have lots of small crevices that allow for the snow to stick to them, which means you won’t be sliding off the road. For driving in icy conditions, all-terrain or street tires might be your best option. If those aren’t enough, you can always add on a set of chains.

Just be smart as the cold weather approaches. Recognize that different temperatures and climates call for adjustments in your driving and the care of your vehicle. Keep your vehicle running smoothly with these tips, and play it smart.




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